Automatically Sunshine (Dir: Al Carretta, 2014, 76min)

SHOT BYAl Carretta




Written, produced and directed by Al Carretta.

Shot entirely on location in South-East England, namely Medway (Gillingham/Chatham/Rochester/Strood), Kent and London.

This is the final cut of my 7th indie feature ‘Automatically Sunshine.’ Shot between October 2012 and May 2014 this is as understated as indie filmmaking gets. Made for a total spend of less than £1k on a handful of shooting days – whilst I also made two other films – this is a heavily researched, highly original script influenced by media efforts to unravel the world of undercover Police officers. As many people have said to me before, if I can do this on £1k what would I be capable of with a budget?

When authorities step up the hunt for a disavowed intelligence operative and human trafficker, the scale of his operation becomes apparent.

“British Indie deals with identity fraud in what is a very raw and understated film.”

Turnabout Media Blog Review by Dan Brown here:

Full Synopsis

Summer 2012. A purported British intelligence operative alerts local newspaper journalist Megan Spring (Georgina Blackledge) to the precarious state of his failing operation and imminent exit from a life undercover. We quickly become immersed in the blurred world of alias ‘Carl Hart’ (Al Carretta). He sells passports, he keeps track of all clients involved and masterminds what remains of ‘Operation Skyline’ with the aid of Jimmy Knight (Redvers G Russell), an Interpol agent and the government acknowledged face on the file.

Jimmy has bigger problems. His wife Tara (Emma Shearer-Hackett) has compromised him by tracking his ‘other life’ and making direct contact with the people who know nothing of his real career. Deadlines pass, Hart signals his operational absence to GCHQ in 2013 but Jimmy stays in the cold, happy to exist in the underworld. Cue 2014. With Jimmy Knight found dead and Hart not in operational contact, concerns rise and the attempt to identify the alias Carl Hart begins. Home Office investigator, Gemma Sinclair (Hannah Blaikie) takes the lead with Megan Spring’s reporting. Unbeknown to Spring, she wasn’t reporting at all. Used as a pawn by Hart, she simply asked known informants every trigger question that could flag abuse of investigatory powers. With the audience he is looking for, Interpol liaison Ellen Gates (Leah Cooper), the depth of ‘Skyline’ is explained as the jigsaw of government incompetence is revealed. Confessing his full identity, and citing years of available evidence, Hart’s story checks out; even his wife, Lisa (Samantha Ervin), already in a witness protection scheme, is coming in to identify him. At a pass by location, Lisa fails to identify Carl and as the Police check him to be an unflagged individual confirmation of his identity collapses. Gemma Sinclair reports back to her superiors and explains any criminal investigation into Skyline is impossible because of the confused line between operatives and informants and the condoned actions of all involved. As a dejected Sinclair arranges relocation for Jimmy’s ex-girlfriend, Elisabeth Carter (Rebecca Bell) she comes face to face with the man no agency seems to know…

Al Carretta, February 2015

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