“Aggressive Bell Beat” Hard, Dope HIP-HOP/TRAP BEAT – Instrumental + Download [Produced By Boone]

SHOT BYRIley Waters

DIRECTORRiley Waters



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This video is the third installment on my channel so far. It is 2016, and that means that it is more difficult to make your mark on Youtube so it would really help if you can tell me what you think in the comments below and like this video if you enjoyed it. Make sure to also subscribe so you can hear all my upcoming beats. I make hip hop, rap, trap, and I will explore many other genres as well upon request. I have been making beats for just about 2 years and I really enjoyed producing every beat I created. I love this hobby, and I post videos on Youtube not t o make money, but because I am doing something I really love to do! Subscribe if you agree!

Produced By Boone: 5/14/15