SHOT BYBrian Charles Lehrer

DIRECTORBrian Charles Lehrer



A peak into the magical, yet troubled, land of Myanmar (formerly Burma).
Shot on Sony A7R II.

Ch. I : Shwedagon Pagoda – The holiest monument in Myanmar, a towering gold pagoda and destination for Buddhist pilgrims worldwide.
Ch. II : Bagan – The capital of an ancient Buddhist kingdom, a riverside plain strewn with literally thousands of millennia-old temples and pagodas.
Ch. III : Yangon – The old capital (formerly Rangoon) brims with culture, both old and new, but also with poverty and the looming heritage of British colonialism.
Ch. IV : Burmese Skies – Flying high above Bagan via hot air balloon, a bird’s eye view that can’t be missed.

This video was taken over 4 days in Nov 2015, while Myanmar held their first democratic election in many decades. Thank you to the beautiful people of Myanmar for making us feel so welcome in your home. We know your country has endured terrible strife and continuing hardship, but we wish you a brighter future full of prosperity and freedom.

– Video by Brian Charles Lehrer
Instagram : @briancharleslehrer

– Music licensed via The Music Bed :
“Wonderment” – Kerry Muzzy
“Across the Sea” – Blake Ewing
“A Lonesome Road” – Northern Abbey
“Vision” – Steven Gutheinz