A Mass For The Dying (Dir: Al Carretta, 2013, 46m)

SHOT BYAl Carretta




Written, produced and directed by Al Carretta.

By far the most under viewed, under stated and generally overlooked piece I think I’ve delivered! Shot in the middle of ‘Automatically Sunshine’ and at the same time as ‘Super Tuesday’.

With his rescue mission approaching, white Zimbabwean farmer and ex-soldier John Smith (Al Carretta) locks himself in a panic room and slowly bleeds to death as the baying mob he has escaped from assemble outside. In the room with him is Terry, consular support from the British Foreign Office and the one man who might be able to change the outcome of things….

Key Cast and Crew

John/Terry….Al Carretta

Art Direction by Ben Kemsley and Rob Button.

Special Thanks to The Captain and The Doctor for essential on set guidance. Shot entirely on location through September and October, completed November 2013.

*****If you can work out what four bottles of Captain Morgan, a few crates of Budweiser, Doritos, Dips and Dr.Pepper you have the total budget of this experimental film. (It was about £150 ish)******