a Day in the life of a Wedding Filmmaker

SHOT BYPranav Raj, Aneela Maharaj, Komail Naqvi, Umair Vanthaliwaala




“A day in the life of a wedding filmmaker” is a Videowaale film made specifically to take the audiences behind our cameras and provide them a glimpse of the elaborate process and the teamwork involved in making a wedding film.

This BTS film portrays the wedding of Shaynee and Kiran, our clients who entrusted us with telling the story of their 10 year relationship and how it all started at an intersection during their undergraduate years (

This film was shot on a perfect summer day in late August at a beautiful estate in Caledon, a rural township just north of Toronto (Canada). A gazebo situated next to a beautiful lake and bordering a green forest served as the perfect setting for the couple’s Hindu wedding ceremony. A visual treat indeed!

Initially, filming this wedding was not part of either the couple’s or our plan. It was only after a casual conversation with the couple that we realized how beautiful their wedding location was and the opportunity to film our 1st outdoor wedding was too hard to pass up.

Our inspiration to film this wedding (COMING SOON) lay in several things. We wanted to capture the grace and majesty of the venue, the incredible fashion and full spectrum of colours worn on that day, the customs and rituals held dear by the families, and finally the music and the sounds that gave life to the wedding as a whole.

The only way to adequately capture this grand location was to call in our aerials expert. Capturing colours is always a challenge on a bright and sunny day. The use of 9 stop ND filters helped us to soften the natural light and achieve this goal. In order to highlight the importance of ceremonial rituals and the culture, we made it our mission to film like ninjas and remain as unobtrusive as possible. Extensive use of audio equipment (shotgun mics, lavs) was made to harness the plethora of sounds on that day such as live musicians, the priest, and family speeches.

We filmed this wedding with a team of 4 people with one person dedicated to capturing the BTS footage and another for the aerials. The list of gear used on this project is as follows:
Cameras: Canon 5d Markiii, 6d, 70d (BTS camera)
Lens: Canon L 50 f/1.2, L 135 f/2, 24-105 f/4, 70-200 f/2.8, 18-135 STM(BTS lens) & a Rokinon 14 T3.1 Cine
Audio: 2x Rode Videomic pro for ambient & Rode smartlavs w/ Zoom H1n for speeches
Stabilization: Benro Monopod & Tripod, Konova Slider, Zacuto Marauder, Viewfinders from Zacuto & Kamerar
Aerials: DJI Phantom 2 w/ GoPro 3

Special thanks to Zacuto USA for offering us some state-of-art gear that allowed us get into some really tight spots with a minimum set-up time. Click at the link below to view their products:

Music courtesy: “Fairyland” by Zebrat (

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