21 May 2011

SHOT BYMichael Pirard

DIRECTORJuliette Melampyre



This is our entry for the Philip Bloom Weekend Challenge – “The End Is Nigh” Rapture.

Starring Jerome Clerfayt

Directed by Juliette Melampyre
Cinematographer and Co-Director Michael Pirard
Editor Rita Roger
Sound Recording Elsa Ruhlmann
Gaffer Michael Verheyden
Set designer Laurence Lorenz
Visual Fx Leonardo Sedevcic
Sound Editing and Mixing Pascale Schaer
Title Designer Guillaume Marichal

Music By Tzii

Shooted in 2 days, edited in 2 days, Visual FX done in 2 days, then grading and exporting to be online a few minutes before the deadline.

Shoot on a Canon 5D MKII with set of Zeiss ZF Primes + Canon 16-35mm + Canon T1.4/24mm

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