Videolicious, an Automated Video Editing App – Is It Made For You?

Part of my freelance BBC engagement is to shoot/edit news items which at times, must be delivered under a very tight time schedule. When trying to analyze  the “bottle neck” of the process, no doubt that editing is the obstacle in being faster “on air”. 

That’s where Videolicious comes into the picture. It’s automated easy process comes in hand for those who are seeking help in fast turn over of producing videos and are using a mobile device for their journalistic work. Videolicious is best being described as “a platform which includes a mobile apps for creating videos with automatic video editing tools, and a web dashboard for reviewing, approving, and publishing videos”. It works best with Canon DSLR cameras as those are are producing H.264 video files which are easy to be inject to Apple’s iOS devices. (Android and Windows versions of this app are currently on the make).

During InterBEE 2015 taking place in Japan, I had a chance to talk to Matt Singer, Videolicious’s Co-Founder and listen to his vision. Matt was overwhelmed by the fact that over 3 millions copies of his app were downloaded since its introduction. According to his observation, professionals on different skills levels making different tasks are using his application.

Videolicious-Choose your shots

For me personally it is not the right solution as I’m a “control freak” who won’t give an app the chance to edit and control his story. (and I do not currently shoot with a Canon DSLR or a mobile device), but for those who are whiling to try something different and automated video editing is capturing their imagination, that solution might be beneficial.

If you are using Videolicious, please share your observation as it is truly interesting for me to find out how much faster you can edit your videos and how much easier (or not), your “editing life” becomes after trying such a new approach.

For more information, head to Videolicious Q&A page.

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 Mitch Aunger Reply
Mitch Aunger November 24, 2015

Johnnie, I used Videolicious at NAB this year to create floor reports virtually instantly and had them uploaded well before anyone else. It is AWESOME for speed.

Johnnie Behiri November 24, 2015

Mitch, thanks for sharing!

I guess at some point I’ll have to try if for myself…:)


 Robert Owen Reply
Robert Owen November 24, 2015

It seems to make sense to want something this fast and automated, but I really hate what it’s doing to the creativity of the industry. If clients see content made this quickly, they won’t give you more time to do what you need to do later on, they will simply request that all your projects will be done just as quickly. I know the news and cinema-like projects are two different machines, but really this is getting ridiculous. People can wait an hour or two extra to get their video. Quality almost always takes a hit when speed is the most important goal. Please everyone, keep calm and edit.

Johnnie Behiri November 25, 2015

Robert, sopt on.