Video Review: SACHTLER Ace – new ultra affordable fluid tripod

Sachtler just announced their new, amazingly affordable Ace tripod system.

Why amazingly affordable? So far the Sachtler FSB-6 has been one of your best bets for a small, high quality fluid head system, priced at $1418 (or 1200€). The new Ace offers fluid head goodness at a totally new entry price level of $650 (or 550€)!!!

In our video review we inspect the tripod in detail to see what the Sachtler Ace does and does not offer. The Ace tripod system will be availble by October/November 2011.

If you’re looking for an affordable tripod system for hdslrs and small cameras this one is definitely worth the wait.

“Lightweight thanks to innovative material. For Ace, a glass fiber reinforced composite material was chosen which makes the new 75mm fluid head especially light and offers a comfortable and non-slip surface feel”

Watch it on Vimeo

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