Video Devices PIX-E Series Update – H.264 & ProRes Dual-Codec Recording

At NAB 2016 we caught up with Paul Isaacs from Video Devices, to discuss a new feature coming for their Pix-E range of products. In short, they are close to implementing a method for dual-codec recording.

video devicesPractically speaking, this feature will allow you to record your master copy for the editing suite and simultaneously, a lower bitrate, low-cost version to your client for approval right on a Video Devices PIX-E 5 and PIX E-7 recorder. Of course, in the real world, there are a few more ways that implementing dual-codec recording could improve your workflow. Fortunately, the video covers the majority of them. Enjoy!

Video Devices software pricing & availability

What’s really quite exciting about this software update for the PIX-E family of products is that it will be available totally free…

According to Paul, this update isn’t quite ready yet, but it should be available in the next couple of weeks!

cinema5D at NAB 2016
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Benedict M. Heinzl Reply
Benedict M. Heinzl April 21, 2016

Hab vor einer weile die xml Files angeschaut die verwendet werden um User Daten zu sichern. Da gibt es die Option jetzt schon ;) lies sich nur nicht aktivieren.

 Krys Villaster Reply
Krys Villaster April 22, 2016

i a m in love

 Simon Rabeder Reply
Simon Rabeder April 22, 2016

Is there any Information regarding bitrate? I would love the possibility of shooting documentary at a lower bitrate (lower than prores, at a more effective I.e. Lgop compression), but still 4K. Would be amazing for a7s.