Video: Why the AJA Cion could be the right camera for professionals

AJA is a manufacturer of digital video interfaces and recently moved into the camera market with the introduction of their AJA Cion a few months ago.
While initial speculations seemed to suggest that the Cion is a camera not to be taken seriously among professionals, Andy Bellamy wants to convince us otherwise. Oh and what we see and hear IS convincing.

If you haven’t done so you should immediately check out the first footage from the AJA Cion that was published today and shows the extremely fine quality this camera produces.

In our interview Andy Bellamy explained a bit of the science and commitment inside the Cion. It seems they aimed to please those filmmakers who are looking for accurate skin tones and clean, filmic, high quality images, much of the kind as we’ve enjoyed so much on the Arri AMIRA.

The fact that the AJA Cion can create 4K images in 60p in RAW quality as well as ProRes is just one of the intruiging technical facts about this affordable, yet seemingly highly professional camera.

We think this is one of the cameras users should keep their eye on. We’ll keep you updated and take the AJA Cion into the field in one of our future camera reviews.

For more specs and technical information on the AJA Cion head over to this article.