Updated Letus Helix – $4000 Single Operator Camera Stabiliser

A few months ago, at NAB 2014 we’ve been reporting about one of the brushless gimbal stabilisation systems we currently find most intriguing, the Letus Helix.

letus-helixHien Le, CEO of Letus gave us a complete rundown of all the features and advantages of the newest version of the Letus Helix.

One of the things most interesting about this brushless gimbal stabilisation system is that it is very light and easy to hold and can be easily operated by a single person. Hien mentions all the other benefits in detail in the video above.

Apparently the Letus Helix is currently on back-order, so if you place an order now you will most likely have to wait a while before it is delivered.

The basic Letus Helix 3-Axis stabiliser is $4000 and can be ordered on the Letus Website.

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Bart van der Horst September 30, 2014

Wow fantastic product!
Except 4000 dollars is bit drastic.

Bill G September 30, 2014

drastic? I hope you mean drastic in terms of being so inexpensive compared to the competition. The Helix is THE gimbal to what the other gimbals will have to measure up to. Amazing product… just wish I had $4k stashed somewhere!!

Pedro Widmar September 30, 2014

was this really the best spokesman they could find to present this video??!?!?!? Makes me doubt the company.

Johnnie Behiri September 30, 2014


Hien Le is Letus owner and the man behind many inventions in our industry.

A bit of respect won’t hurt!



Bill G October 1, 2014

I totally agree. As an english speaking person, I am amazed at how those who do not speak english as a first language conquer it. It is not easy. And with many inventions coming from countries that do not speak our native tongue, we should be respectful and listen carefully. They (Letus) have done a phenomenal job improving on a system that makes hand held work accessible to the not so rich. Just look at the pricing last year from Movi and compare it to today. Now look at the innovations they added. Power and video without the worry of tangling and twisting cables. Amazing!!!

Moc October 1, 2014

He is Vietnamese so his English might not be as fluent as native speaker. But I do respect what he had done in this product, the way he talk about the monitor and how it is different from other product is the best selling point. Highly appreciated.

Femi Awojide Reply
Femi October 1, 2014

There is beauty in diversity and he doesn’t have to speak fluent English to be trusted. His works speak a ton already. Did you try to listen through his intelligent and unique selling points?

tyrot October 1, 2014

dude ..you really do have issues..if this is the comment you bother to write here… congr. for most idiotic comment of cinema5d ‘s history.

Clayton Moore October 1, 2014

Well said Johnnie. Its a brilliant design!

Florin October 1, 2014

Amazing product but kinda high priced for me and many other guys like me…