Updated Letus Helix – $4000 Single Operator Camera Stabiliser

A few months ago, at NAB 2014 we’ve been reporting about one of the brushless gimbal stabilisation systems we currently find most intriguing, the Letus Helix.

letus-helixHien Le, CEO of Letus gave us a complete rundown of all the features and advantages of the newest version of the Letus Helix.

One of the things most interesting about this brushless gimbal stabilisation system is that it is very light and easy to hold and can be easily operated by a single person. Hien mentions all the other benefits in detail in the video above.

Apparently the Letus Helix is currently on back-order, so if you place an order now you will most likely have to wait a while before it is delivered.

The basic Letus Helix 3-Axis stabiliser is $4000 and can be ordered on the Letus Website.

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