Tiltaing by Tilta – Turn Your Gear Ideas Into Reality

We’ve already seen lots of very interesting new tech, software and bright ideas here at NAB 2018. But the new initiative by Tilta, called Tiltaing, might become a whole new host of bright ideas on its own. Let Tilta’s CEO Yang Shao walk you through this “crownfunding website for product ideas”.

It’s not quite ready but the website Tiltaing.com is about to launch officially on May, 1st.

Tiltaing by Tilta

Let’s do a guided meditation, shall we? Imagine one of your usual work days as a filmmaker. Maybe something you’ve done numerous times before. Repetitive, so to say. But wait, what’s that? Every single time you’re HDMI cable breaks just before the actual shoot. Or you constantly (but accidentally, of course) bring empty batteries to the set. Or you’re tired of repeating the same lens-calibrating procedure every time you swap out lenses with your wireless focus control. The possibility of bugging little bits and bobs are literally endless. Tiltaing takes aim to tackle these everyday problems. With your help!

And what about the big ideas? Motion-control wizardry! Hovering zero-gravity tripods! 4K RAW recorders the size of a matchbox with a 15-hour battery life! Again, Tiltaing is here to help and again, it needs your help!

Tilta will put up to $10,000,000 into this. Here’s the deal to put this pile of money to work: 1) Enter your idea for a product. 2) Get a deal with Tilta. 3) Negotiate the terms. You’ll get up to 50% of the revenue if your idea is great, unique and, most importantly, complete. The more details you can provide in the first place, the better. When your idea for a cool gadget gets green light you now can access Tilta’s vast experience and supplier network in order to make your dream product a reality.

The finalized product will be sold through Tiltaing.com directly as well as the established Tilta dealer network all over the planet.

Sounds neat? I think, it actually is neat! The idea, at least, is great. It sounds like a potential win-win for both, Tilta and the filmmmaking community. Let’s see how this goes and if Tiltaing will flourish down the line. If yes, it can be a great resource for products sourced from real first-hand experiences (or maybe frustrations).


According to Tilta, the domain Tiltaing.com will officially launch on May, 1st. At the time of writing the site is already online, but there’s not much to do, yet. So make sure to check back on May, 1st!

I think this is a cool idea and I really hope that some really neat products will come to life this way. Maybe something which you can’t find either on Kickstarter nor at your favorite retailer. Something.. new! The revenue system is still a little shady, though. No further information on patents, intellectual property and the like. I guess we’ll find out in a couple of days. Until then: Pen down your ideas and make sure they are as deatiled as possible. Up to 50% revenue, remember?

Links: Website | Tilta.com

Do you already have some great ideas for future gadgets? Share them in the comments below.. or don’t. Submit them on May 1st straight to Tiltaing.com! Share your thoughts about this new “service” below, instead!

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