Tilta Nucleus-M – A Complete Wireless Lens Control System for Only $1200?

We have been surprised by the low price of Tilta’s intelligent camera accessories several times over the past years, but their newly announced Wireless Lens Control System steals the show. They offer a complete system with two wireless handles, two motors and a hand-unit for only $1200.

Tilta Nucleus-M

We came to know the quality of Tilta’s a7s II cage when we did our a7S II cage review. After that we saw their electronic cinema camera cages and lightweight gimbal last year. At NAB 2017 this year Tilta introduced the Tilta Nucleus-M, a new lens control system with a ridiculously low price. If the system is up to the kind of quality people expect from a professional lens control system is yet to be determined. What we know is that it had pretty solid performance at the show and some very interesting specs.

The hand-unit can connect to up to 3 motors, to control iris, focus and zoom of a lens. The device connects directly to motors and has a range of up to 2km, so it could be used on a drone. The handles are also wirelessly connected to the two motors that come in the kit and there’s an optional clamp to use them on gimbals.

For gimbal use this is certainly the kind of solution many people have been waiting for. The cable-less design lets you operate your lens focus without interfering with the gimbal. This is crucial, as a cable would affect the gimbal’s balance. Many other wireless lens control systems are very pricey and usually can’t be afforded by many of our readers, certainly the ones that offer the kind of quality you need for accurate operation. The aggressive pricing of the Tilta Nucleus-M might change that.

[UPDATE] The hand units are equipped with either one or two double-A batteries and Tilta tells us they last 4 days, not 4 hours as mentioned during the interview.

Even when not using a gimbal, a wireless thumb controller like the ones the Tilta Nucleus-M offers, can be a clever solution for focus and zoom on a documentary style handheld rig.

We’re looking forward to reviewing the Nucleus-M soon. Tilta is planning to launch it in July 2017.

Let us know what you think. Could a lens control system like this one make a difference for your productions?