Tilta Nucleus N – $399 Remote Micro Follow Focus For Your Rig

Achieve accurate and fast follow focusing with the Tilta Nucleus N on your gimbal stabilizer and camera rig.

Building upon the success of the popular Nucleus M follow focus, Tilta has now created the N version – a very compact version made for smaller operations on gimbal stabilizer systems or for rigged cameras.

Tilta Nucleus N

The focus control is completely wireless with a range of up to 50m, while the receiver itself can be attached close to the camera and also acts as the power supply for the focusing motor located on top of the lens. The motor can be attached to the camera hot shoe, but also in other configurations when used in conjunction with a camera rig. The Tilta Nucleus N can work on any rig rail system, and can operate as a standard follow focus with any camera rig and rail setup, not just exclusive to Tilta.

Tilta also has a range of accessories that will be coming in the future including a dual handle that has a focus control wheel embedded in the hand grip, as well as a power solution for the Nucleus N that uses the battery in the Tilta Gravity gimbal. In the future, Tilta will also be producing a range of attachment accessories to allow the wireless focus control and transmitter device from the Nucleus N to be used with a range of gimbals, not just Tilta’s own. This is great news for users of gimbals such as the Zhiyun Crane or CAME TV models looking for a follow-focusing solution.

The transmitter and focus control units have a power capacity of up to 8 hours, ideal for long days on set.

The Tilta Nucleus N kit – which includes the motor, transmitter and receiver – will retail for around $400.00, and will become available to purchase at the end of October.

Will the Tilta Nucleus N fulfil your remote follow focus needs? Let us know in the comments!