Tilta Gravity G1 – A New Handheld Gimbal for Mirrorless Cameras

Following the success of the CAME-TV Single and Optimus, this new handheld gimbal by Tilta builds on the one-handed design for medium weight cameras like the Sony a7s II or Panasonic GH4.

Designed for single operation, the new Tilta Gravity G1 has the typical modes of operation “follow” and “lock”, with the latter named “chicken head mode”. With the new 360° motors incorporated in this handheld gimbal, the Gravity G1 has no end points and can rotate indefinitely.

Comparable gimbals currently on the market include the CAME-TV Optimus and ikan Beholder EC1.

The Tilta Gravity G1 will be $900 and should become available in the next months. It is only available for pre-order at CVP Europe right now.

cinema5D at NAB 2016
Hedge F&V B&H Tilta Blackmagic Design

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Sven Henig Reply
Sven Henig September 18, 2016

Great Sound-Job of Johnnie Behiri ;-)

Chris Allen Reply
Chris Allen September 18, 2016

Looks damn Heavy!

Yves Soglo Reply
Yves Soglo September 18, 2016

With so many gimbals available now, it’s getting harder to make a choice. This one has a bigger pay load but seems heavier as well. Can’t wait to see reviews

Michael Mccrum Reply
Michael Mccrum September 18, 2016

829 dollars! Carl Ritchie

the SUBVERSIVE September 18, 2016

I would like Zhiyun to make a step up from the Z1 Crane so it can hold more weight.

Scott Rahner Reply
Scott Rahner September 18, 2016

Good thing it’s stabilized. Looks like he can’t even hold it steady.

김지현 Reply
김지현 September 19, 2016

좋아보아긴하는데 엄청 무거워 보이네요. 설명하는 사람도 한손으로 들때마다 부들부들하고 있음 ㅋ

Markus Magnon October 13, 2016

Looking for a gimbal for blackmagic micro cinema camera. With Cage, Speedboster, Lens, Batterie its around 1Kg. Would like to see gimbal comparison video or charts, or whatever of different gimbals which handels 1-2,5 kg.