This Zunow Cine Wide Attachment CWA-114 Promises High-End Performance on Cine Zooms

The Zunow Cine Wide Attachment is the latest by the optics converter manufacturer. It promises x0.75 conversion with minimal light loss.

Zunow Cine Wide Attachment

Zunow is known for its wide-angle converters, such as the DWA-075 for DSLR lenses or the WCX-100 for 4K zooms. The latest offering from Zunow is the CWA-114, an attachment specifically made with larger-diameter cinema lenses in mind.

Zunow Cine Wide Attachment: The CWA-114

The Zunow Cine Wide Attachment makes the focal length of your wide-angle cinema lens 0.75x larger through a 130mm front element that offers a minimal distortion of 1%, an almost maximum light transmission of 97% and 4K coating for maximum resolution from corner to corner. It aims to quickly offer a wide-angle option without the need to change lenses.

But what does this mean in numbers? Some of the examples provided by Zunow include:

  • FUJINON 20-120mm T3.5, which becomes a 15-75mm T3.6.
  • Canon 17-120mm T2.95-3.9, which becomes a 14-75mm T3.0-4.0 (with vignetting at 12.75-14mm).
  • ZEISS 21-100mm T2.9-3.9, which becomes a 15.75-75mm T3.0-4.0.

Judging from the numbers above, it seems that although the Zunow can help you achieve those precious extra few millimetres at the wide end, it is optimised to offer a maximum of 15mm for best performance.

Zunow Cine Wide Attachment with accessories.

With its clip-on design and 114mm body diameter, the Zunow Cine Wide Attachment should be compatible with most lenses. Bear in mind, though, that as a high-end solution for high-end lenses, the CWA-114 has a high-end weight to it as well, coming in at 1.29 kg/ 2.82 lbs.

Do you shoot with wide-angle cinema lenses often? Could you see yourself benefitting from something like the CWA-114? Let us know in the comments below!

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