The Perfect Camera Stabilizer Isn’t a Gimbal? – ON THE COUCH Ep 23 part 3 of 4 – Dan Chung, Clinton Harn, Emmanuel Pampuri

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In the 23rd episode of ON THE COUCH, I was lucky enough to sit with fellow bloggers and shooters Dan Chung, Clinton Harn from and Emmanuel Pampuri from

In this part, we talked about the SteadXP stabilizing device which Emmanuel Pampuri helped to realize, which is attached to the camera and tracks all motion, to remove the movement in post. What appears to be the size of a small card reader, the SteadXP device is a square box that can fit on top of your DSLR or on the back of your GoPro. It connects to your camera via the mic inputs and composite outputs, and uses 3-axis stabilization technology to compute and post-process your video, essentially creating the seamless and smooth look you usually get from a steadycam.

We reported about the device in detail in this news post.

Please note that this episode was recorded back in September at IBC in Amsterdam, so the Kickstarter mention that Emmanuel makes is not current anymore. All the rest is though :-)

In the next and final part of this episode, we compare stabilization in camera to stabilization in post.






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