The Perfect Camera Stabilizer Isn’t a Gimbal? – ON THE COUCH Ep 23 part 3 of 4 – Dan Chung, Clinton Harn, Emmanuel Pampuri

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In the 23rd episode of ON THE COUCH, I was lucky enough to sit with fellow bloggers and shooters Dan Chung, Clinton Harn from and Emmanuel Pampuri from

In this part, we talked about the SteadXP stabilizing device which Emmanuel Pampuri helped to realize, which is attached to the camera and tracks all motion, to remove the movement in post. What appears to be the size of a small card reader, the SteadXP device is a square box that can fit on top of your DSLR or on the back of your GoPro. It connects to your camera via the mic inputs and composite outputs, and uses 3-axis stabilization technology to compute and post-process your video, essentially creating the seamless and smooth look you usually get from a steadycam.

We reported about the device in detail in this news post.

Please note that this episode was recorded back in September at IBC in Amsterdam, so the Kickstarter mention that Emmanuel makes is not current anymore. All the rest is though :-)

In the next and final part of this episode, we compare stabilization in camera to stabilization in post.






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Valentin Remy Reply
Valentin Remy June 3, 2015

Finally! I remembered about the steadXP a few days ago and didn’t find any recent news about it. Can’t wait to use it, it will be much easier to use for a few situations where my glidecam is a pain to carry. I can’t wait to see a before/after of the quality loss, then I’ll definitly buy it !

Yves Soglo Reply
Yves Soglo June 3, 2015

The definition of a game changer

m hazza June 3, 2015

ursa mini 4.6k With this device !! .. will be mind blowing

AbdulKadir LimitedEdition Reply
AbdulKadir LimitedEdition June 4, 2015

Fantastic, amazing.

For the maker: Honestly if you do want people to do more review and feedback so you can push the maximum possibilities of that device, you’ll need to give more video example using a lot of different camera.. Because people wondering how’s that gonna be if they apply to a kind of camera (from DSLR to cinema camera), and also (like the middle person well said), is that gonna be possible to do the same movement like what dolly did, OR how is it the farthest condition you can push it by real application? Also it depends on what your target market is. Is that general DSLR consumer or cinema maker. Look forward for the next review :)

Dan Buck Joyce Reply
Dan Buck Joyce June 4, 2015

Would love to try that out

Oscar M Reply
Oscar M June 4, 2015

interesting. but if you check
and watch the ski movie and randomly pause it where the before after comparisons are the the crop is dramatic. Its like 20*% of the frame is cropped?

Martin Bleazard Reply
Martin Bleazard June 4, 2015

The crop will change depending on how much stabilisation is needed, that was a dramatic example. I often use my monopod and good walking to achieve steady cam and jib type shots with warp stabiliser. With this, it could make that process way smoother and efficient. So I still think people should try and stabilise as much as they can physically.

Oscar M Reply
Oscar M June 4, 2015

OK, Thx :)

Alan Bee Reply
Alan Bee June 6, 2015

Hi Guys,
great as always. A question for Emmanuel. I’ve seen this prototype video about 8-9 months ago and thought it was a great idea. Now I see the same or a similar video and you say it’s going to be another 6-8 months until it reaches the market. Aren’t you afraid that while very forward thinking a year ago, the concept might be utilised by other company with faster turnaround time? Effectively Instagram’s Hyperlapse does a similar job although at a much lower res. Cheers Alan

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner June 6, 2015

Hey Alan, sorry if it isn’t clear from the text, the recording here is from last September, which is why the information is the same.

Kenny McAlpine June 18, 2015


So is there any news about a potential release date? I can’t wait to get my hands on one!