Panasonic GH5 Announced – 4K 60p 10bit 4:2:2 internal


Panasonic has announced the GH5, the latest and much awaited member of their Lumix family. It shoots 4K 10bit 4:2:2 internal.

At Panasonic’s opening press conference at Photokina 2016, the Panasonic GH5 has just been announced. This much awaited follower to the very popular Panasonic GH4 comes with a list of very impressive features.

Panasonic GH5

Panasonic GH5 – main features at a glance:

  • 18MP Sensor
  • 4K now available up to 60p
  • “6K photo”, up to 30p (apparently this is only a photo feature)
  • 10 Bit 4:2:2

[UPDATE]: The 30p 6K info on the slide was incorrect. Apparently the camera only shoots 4K and does “6K photos”. We will update you with a video and all details about the GH5 in an hour.

Also, Panasonic has announced an increased line up of Micro Four Thirds lenses, with a wide 8-18mm, a standard 12-60mm, and a tele 50-200mm, all at f/2.8-f/4.0.

Good news all around, but Panasonic GH fans will have to wait just a little bit longer, as thePanasonic GH5 is expected to hit the market during the first half of 2017.

Soon it will be available for pre-order HERE.

Panasonic GH5 – Official Press Release

Cologne, Germany, 19 September 2016 – Panasonic today announces the LUMIX GH5, the world’s first[1] Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) interchangeable lens camera capable of recording high-precision smooth 4K 60p/50p and faithfully reproductive 4:2:2 10-bit 4K video[2]. This premium camera will offer exceptional performance for professional photographers, videographers and emerging photo/video-hybrid creators.

The new LUMIX GH5 is scheduled to enter the market in the first half of 2017 and will feature Panasonic’s new ‘6K PHOTO’ offering – an approximately 18-megapixel-equivalent still image extraction from an ultra-high quality video with approximately 9x higher resolution than Full HD. Furthermore, an approximately 8-megapixel equivalent ‘4K PHOTO’ can be extracted from a video shot at 60 fps.

Panasonic also announces the new LEICA DG VARIO-ELMARIT F2.8-4.0 lens series. These announcements demonstrate Panasonic’s dedication to continually deliver outstanding customer value and new culture in photography and film production by developing premium, new-era products and functions.

Commitment to innovation

The LUMIX GH5 will allow creative minds to capture their vision with ease and style, and further confirms Panasonic’s commitment to develop incomparable products and functions to address the new demands in photography and film production.

Panasonic is committed to the development of innovative digital cameras under the theme “create a new photo culture in the digital era”. The company brought the world’s first DSLM camera, the DMC-G1, to market in 2008[3] and the succeeding DMC-GH1 achieved the world’s first Full HD video recording in 2009[4].

Professional, versatile 4K videography with freedom and ease

The LUMIX DMC-GH4 has received much critical acclaim since its launch in 2014 and was the first camera to realise 4K 30p/25p video recording[5]. Building on its predecessor’s success, the LUMIX GH5 will offer a new world first: 4K 60p/50p and 4K 30p with 4:2:2 10-bit.

Exceptional 4K video recording will be packed into a compact, lightweight design created for videographers to take the camera anywhere and shoot in any location. With the unprecedented video recording performance of the LUMIX GH5, Panasonic aims to elevate its status in the film production industry.

cinema5D at Photokina 2016
Tilta Genustech Manfrotto Angelbird Blackmagic Design

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Nino Iasc Reply
Nino Iasc September 19, 2016

I hope it will be affordable

Federico Rinaldi Reply
Federico Rinaldi September 19, 2016

Probably not!

Nino Iasc Reply
Nino Iasc September 19, 2016


Myles Thompson Reply
Myles Thompson September 19, 2016

Sell some stuff and you can redefine affordable. Then again…

Imran Meeran Reply
Imran Meeran September 19, 2016

If it has at least 200FPS, better ISO and Auto Focus I wont need anything else :)

Uday Maclean Bappie Da Reply
Uday Maclean Bappie Da September 19, 2016

how the price is gonna be ?

Marcus John Reply
Marcus John September 19, 2016

What those features doing in that body…. ehhh

Niklas Schwärzler Reply
Niklas Schwärzler September 19, 2016

Maximilian Lange Peter Sznirchtel Fuchs

Palmer Woodrow September 21, 2016

(random names)

Chris Reynolds Reply
Chris Reynolds September 19, 2016

You can’t compare like for like as Canon still rules the ‘stills’ market. That being said, this camera’s announcement has in terms of video , trumped the 5D MK4 which should be very worrying for Canon

Wes Bern September 20, 2016

Canon does not rule the stills market. Nikon does. You’re not seriously suggesting that Canon is even better than Leica, are you? That would be hilarious.

 Frank McKeown Reply
Frank McKeown September 20, 2016

Hmm I think Canon pretty much does rule the stills marketing terms ope professionals.

James Grealish Reply
James Grealish September 19, 2016

Class-leading specs. Shame they’re packed into a tiny sensor with daft tiny Lenses.

Alvaro García Undurraga Reply
Alvaro García Undurraga September 19, 2016

Can’t understand Panasonic’s insistence on MFT

Trevor Mander Reply
Trevor Mander September 19, 2016

Not sure if what I heard matches the points in your article? 1) not sure if the picture ratio in 6k photo mode is the same as normal pictures which might be bigger, ie. 20MP. 2) you say F2.8 lenses but the graphic showed 2.8-4.0, ie. not constant.

fabian chaundy September 19, 2016

Hi Trevor,

From the press release: “The LUMIX GH5 will dramatically advance the conventional ‘4K PHOTO’ function with ‘6K PHOTO’ that will cut a still image out of ultra-high definition video (4:3 or 3:2 video footage) with approximately 9x higher resolution than Full HD.”

Also, the new Leica lenses are indeed 2.8-4.0 variable aperture.


Mark Shirley Reply
Mark Shirley September 19, 2016

ISO performance is the only thing I’ve been waiting for is it better.

 Frank McKeown Reply
Frank McKeown September 20, 2016

Agree GH4 was great except in low light it sucked big time. Hoping this is much improved.

James Bridges Reply
James Bridges September 19, 2016

The new lens announcement seem to say they are hybrid 2.8-4

Dario Todisco Reply
Dario Todisco September 19, 2016


Palmer Woodrow September 21, 2016


Jon Rawlinson Reply
Jon Rawlinson September 19, 2016

Damn 6K! Jes Sammut Ian McLeod

Tobias Baumi Reply
Tobias Baumi September 19, 2016

if i am not mistaken then it was a typo .. it was meant to say 6k photo and not video i think.. pls correct me if i am mistaken cause then i will switch in an instant after the disappointing Nikon announcement :D! Hope you guys have the greatest time in PNG!

Palmer Woodrow September 21, 2016

Cursed 4K! John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Peter Kent September 19, 2016

Thanks guys, you were the only ones streaming it live :D GH5 looks great, 4K/60 is all I wanted so I’m sold but to get an 18MP “6K” image, which I assume they mean 5760 x 3240 (18.6 MP), they would need a 24MP 4:3 Sensor (5760 x 4320) so maybe it’s an actual 18.6 MP 16:9 sensor.

the SUBVERSIVE September 19, 2016

It seems that the sensor won’t be 4:3, but more like 2:1 with Micro4/3 fitting inside of it.

Niklas Landerer September 19, 2016

Doesn’t make sense to me, because 2:1 would not be useful in photo mode.

the SUBVERSIVE September 19, 2016

I also think they shouldn’t call it 6K, even more when it’s not 4:3 but they are going for that, it doesn’t quite matter to me though. You have extra pixels to crop from if you want, in the end it doesn’t hurt to have that option.

From Panasonic Product page:
“6K PHOTO” is a high speed burst shooting function that cuts a still image out of a 4:3 or 3:2 video footage with 18-megapixel

Approx.6000 x 3000 effective pixel count, that 6K image manages.

The name ‘6K PHOTO’ is tentative.

And 6000×3000 is 2:1 after all.

F.j. Martínez Reply
F.j. Martínez September 19, 2016

4k without crop factor?

BrunoSlam Compte A Rebours Reply
BrunoSlam Compte A Rebours September 21, 2016

M43 + crop factor ? That would be a huge fail

Bradyn Hopking Reply
Bradyn Hopking September 19, 2016

10 bit 4:2:2 internal?

Yanni Foundaki Reply
Yanni Foundaki September 19, 2016

Lol #canon

Justin Hutchinson-Chatburn Reply
Justin Hutchinson-Chatburn September 19, 2016

As both a 5D user and GH4 plus having had the SONY A7 – by far the nicest camera I’ve worked with is the gh4. Even as a stills camera it’s great, with the right lens of course.

Paul BaLu Ambrusch Reply
Paul BaLu Ambrusch September 19, 2016


Palmer Woodrow September 22, 2016

WTF is that supposed to mean?

Razvan Radu Reply
Razvan Radu September 19, 2016

haha. Panasonic i love you!

Marko Hila Reply
Marko Hila September 19, 2016

Fk yeah!

Henrik Holmberg Reply
Henrik Holmberg September 19, 2016

Any prices on the lenses? If they’re 2.8-4, maybe they’ll come out a little bit cheaper than the constant 2.8:s out now. (12-35, 35-100). Yet better than regular 3.5-5.6 lenses.

Gabrio Maglieri Reply
Gabrio Maglieri September 19, 2016

And the famous sensor stabilization where’s gone?

Josh Brown Reply
Josh Brown September 19, 2016

This is what I was hoping for. Any prices yet?

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner September 19, 2016

No pricing yet

the SUBVERSIVE September 19, 2016

What about IBIS?

What codec and bitrate for internal 10-bit 422?

Robin Mueller Reply
Robin Mueller September 19, 2016

Trevor Carr – you spanking your monkey over this?

Palmer Woodrow September 22, 2016

Who the hell is that?

Sean Daniel Valdivieso Reply
Sean Daniel Valdivieso September 19, 2016

Cristian Bernal Tre Loren

Cristian Bernal Reply
Cristian Bernal September 19, 2016


Palmer Woodrow September 22, 2016

Stop this idiotic bullshit of typing random names in.


Michael Hùng Le Reply
Michael Hùng Le September 19, 2016

Gerald Cerezo – 4K 60p – semi slow motion movements looks sick

Ryu Akita Reply
Ryu Akita September 19, 2016


Bernhard Pusch September 19, 2016

Would be nice if you guys could get some infos about native ISO and dynamic range of the GH5.

Markus Magnon September 19, 2016

Cannot understand the 4k / 6K hype of GH4 or A7S II (or low light perfomance). Sure. those a great features. ut to me the image i can get with those camereras are just a bit better than Canon 5D Mark II. It stills looks like “DSLR or mirrorless image”. I shoot with Black Magic pocket Camera, RED and Canon 7D / 5D + ML-Raw. And i never want to go back to h264, or ProRes. I don’t care if i only get 1080p form a “Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera”. i have 13 stops. (no low light perfomance… but i don’t care) + raw. And an image that looks like “film”. that looks cinematic. without stupid luts, cropping, etc.

4k (or 6k) IS nice. Of course. But for film. How many people stream 4k images? there are still alot of 2K projectors in cinema. So many people don’t see much difference between HD and FullHD (720p vs. 1080p). But they see a difference if you shoot on film or not. If you watch analog 35mm film on youtube… at 360p you still have that “filmic look”. To me, more important than 4K/6K are things like RAW and the image itself. And GH4, A7S, still looks like DSLR. I allways know when its not film and just a A7S or DSLR. And i allways know when its raw from Canon ML Raw, Blackmagic or RED. I would never buy 3000 Dollars for a “Photocamera” that shoots also videos.

Deon Prabu Reply
Deon Prabu September 19, 2016

nice dude, i’m with you

Mose Agestam September 19, 2016

YES!! I’ll keep to my Blackmagic Pocket. Only thing I personally miss is higher framerates (except batterylife and a screen that is possible to monitor outdoors :p )!

Markus Magnon September 19, 2016

Than go with the “Black Magic Micro cinema Camera”. better Sensor, no Monitor (need external Monitor), better Battery Life. (canon batteries) + 60 FPS ! (not in raw, but ProRes)

Robert Stefan September 19, 2016

I love my BMPCC but still use GH4 for lots of jobs where the better ergonomics and the 4K are much needed and the “cinema” look less…so really depends on what you do.

Markus Magnon September 19, 2016

“4k are much needed”? For what? i really want to understand those people who are typing “4k is stahndard now”. For TV productions you have other cameras than a Gh4 or A7s. For Cinema alos. I only know some youtube kids who are thinking 4k is better than 2k. I also read that they use “Black magic Micro Cinema Camera” to shoot some POV and Stunts Scenes in the last Jason Bourn movie… because the image fits well with the “A Cameras”. So maybe they scaled it up. I really want to see a scaled up “Black magic Micro Cinema Camera” vs A7S or GH4.

Robert Stefan September 19, 2016

As i said, depends on the work…For cinema and for a 1080p delivery maybe not but for 2K cinema it’s good to have much room to scale and even for video production it’s really handy (like for example when you do live events and can’t bring lots of cameras, you use 4k to simulate differents cameras).
I think you can easily scale BMPCC 1080p in 2k but for me it’s the ergonomics who are a downsized on lots of shoots.
I would love to shoot all with the BMPCC in raw and have the logistics to do so but it’s not so often that i can.

Markus Magnon September 19, 2016

Sorry. but this is exactly a comment where i am thinking: what type of people visiting this site and bitch about “This camera don´t have 4K”. No matter if its a canon, Panasonic, Sony or Black magic pocet / or Black Magig Micro Cinem you need a RIG for it. and with a rig for it. your comment shows me that most of the users want a “all in one” package. A camera for video and photo and 4k and Slow Motion. And evry camera that has not these specs sucks.

Its the same with Megapixels in Photocameras. 5 mgeapixel, 10 megapixels, 16, 22, 34 Megapixels. But what about the sensor, Dynamic range, etc? the A7S II is great in low light, and has 4k, but the image of a Canon 5D Mark II with Magic lantern shooting RAW is better than A7s, imho.

people care more about the size of a sensor, but not WHAT KIND of sensor it is. Bigger ist not allways better.

Byron Elton September 19, 2016

4k is really handy for just about any kind of shoot. If you’re shooting an interview or doc and want to zoom in, you don’t need a different lens, you can just crop in post. All our deliverables are in 1080p and that’s great, but having the flexibility to significantly crop, reframe, and stabilize without losing any resolution is very nice. There also is a difference in quality in my opinion and I think it’s accepted by most dp’s that 4k is sharper when downscaled to 1080p than normal footage shot in 1080p. Not really sure why, but it always seems to be the case in our experience. I would love a bmpcc though to shoot raw with.

Robert Stefan September 19, 2016

Who is bitching about a camera not having 4K ? Sorry but you didn’t seem to understand because it’s the contrary to the ALL in one package ! I said that sometimes it’s better to have a Gh4 (for me) than a BMPCC. I understand your comment about the rig but on some shoots it’s good to have a light package easy to use like with the Gh4. It depends on the type of shoots.
It’s not about the bigger thing otherwise i would shoot with Sony but the Gh5 is a real interesting camera with some new features that i can see me using in reality.

 Bon Hoy Reply
Bon Hoy September 19, 2016

I shoot on gh4/A7s2. In post down sampling to 2k/1080 adds a bit of clarity and also allows for a significant crop if needed. Granted, its not the be all or end of features, but these camera are meant for versatility rather than geared towards a film crowd such as the Black magic line up

Mose Agestam September 19, 2016

I think the GH5 will be awesome! I just want to like my camera :p . I can’t really afford a new one, but still long for missing features. I almost never use 12bit raw on my bmpcc, 10bit prores is beautiful enough for me. So the GH5 will depending on how the image quality compares to blackmagic be my perfect camera converging with good enough photo quality. It’s still interesting that we are comparing a 2017 camera with a 2013 one. Four years later the bmpcc still keeps up pretty good (in video quality). I don’t care that much about low light, more about how the image feels and blackmagic nails it I think.

Markus Magnon September 19, 2016

and a bit funny that many people talk about the “pocket camera” but i started to talk about the “Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera”. Its the same sensor. But “second generation”. I#ve heard that it is a bit better. And the “Micro Cinema camera” came out March 2016, right? batter, menu, and 60 FPS is a huge update compared to the “pocket” version.

Mose Agestam September 19, 2016

Yes I see now! :) That’s true, I think I associated to bmpcc because it fits the all in one small package like the gh.. Maybe I’ll get one of those some time in the future :)

David Peterson Reply
David Peterson September 19, 2016

Very pleased to see, as I have many times suggested, that Panasonic is going with a Sony XLR-K2M audio addition instead of doing another YAGH again!

João Cunha Reply
João Cunha September 19, 2016


Palmer Woodrow September 22, 2016

(random name)

Gene Nemetz Reply
Gene Nemetz September 19, 2016

By the photo it looks like they’re letting us know 8K is on the way too. They’re probably leapfrogging 6k.

Peter Kent September 22, 2016

Sure sounds like it, but I’m not sure they meant the next GH model would be an 8K sensor, that’s quite a lot for a 4/3, since the m4/3 mount actually supports APSc we may get a new higher end model like the AF100 or that JVC one; maybe a “Full Frame” DVX :D

Deon Prabu Reply
Deon Prabu September 19, 2016

panasonic must shoot at 10 bit to beat the sony ecosystem

Generated Lyfe Skeme Reply
Generated Lyfe Skeme September 19, 2016


Rob First Reply
Rob First September 19, 2016

Not bad but needs more

Generated Lyfe Skeme Reply
Generated Lyfe Skeme September 19, 2016

6k photo no video 🤔

Rob First Reply
Rob First September 19, 2016

Generated Lyfe Skeme yeah. We can link on that.

Palmer Woodrow September 21, 2016

(random name)

Filippo Rossi September 19, 2016

It would be great if it’s gonna shoot in 4:4:4 12bit in 1080.
Does anyone knows if the sensor will be micro4/3 APS-C or Full Frame?

Micah Foster September 19, 2016

As part of the the GH line it’s going to be M4/3. They’d launch a new series for Full Frame or APS-C. Plus in the most recent video in which Nino talked to the Panasonic representative, Mark (the rep.) said it was M4/3

Sundance Witte Reply
Sundance Witte September 19, 2016

This plus speed booster sounds like a winner. Meanwhile Canon is selling a sack of rocks for $2500.

Pieter Voorhout Reply
Pieter Voorhout September 19, 2016

Bader Bouta Kasper Berg Olof van Donselaar

Kasper Berg Reply
Kasper Berg September 19, 2016

Waarschijnlijk met de zelfde interface 😫

Bader Bouta Reply
Bader Bouta September 19, 2016

Kasper Berg Some girls will never get pleased >:(

Pieter Voorhout Reply
Pieter Voorhout September 19, 2016

Kasper Berg haha interface van GH4 was prima geloof ik. Sony was degene met interface issues ;)

Kasper Berg Reply
Kasper Berg September 19, 2016

Werk met beide en fare is fare sony’s interface is ook geen feest maar ik heb heel vaak ruzie gehad met de Gh4&3&2

Palmer Woodrow September 21, 2016

(series of random names)

Ben Pantless Guffrey Reply
Ben Pantless Guffrey September 19, 2016

Canon? Canon are you paying attention?

Walter Wallace September 19, 2016

The c300 Mark II doesnt even shoot 4k 60P…. lol

Georges-Emmanuel Arnaud Reply
Georges-Emmanuel Arnaud September 19, 2016

now it s done, we just have to wait for the a7 (III) series do to all that better

Jonathan Pellicano Reply
Jonathan Pellicano September 19, 2016


Stuart Shepherd Reply
Stuart Shepherd September 20, 2016

Sensor is still m43

Stefan de Boggende Reply
Stefan de Boggende September 20, 2016

Rinus deze dus :)

BrunoSlam Compte A Rebours Reply
BrunoSlam Compte A Rebours September 21, 2016

GH5 specs look pretty awesome. But if it’s still M43 i don’t know. Having to use a 8mm lens (with the lack of sharpness and distortion) to have a little wide angle is really annoying for me. Any information about low light capabilities, dynamic range, HDMI out ? Maybe a Sony A7S3 would be a better deal than a GH5+speedbooster. Really depends on the price, but 1 year from now a lot of things and cameras will happen.

Palmer Woodrow September 21, 2016

Useless specs without BITRATE or CODEC.

They never learn.

Steve Smede September 22, 2016

So it shoots 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 but there is no mention of bit rate or codec. Any info out there on these factors? Also, it’s not clear to me that it shoots 4K 60P at 10-bit 4:2:2, per the OP’s headline. The official release states, “The LUMIX GH5 will offer a new world first: 4K 60p/50p and 4K 30p with 4:2:2 10-bit.” Not a deal-breaker by any means, but my hunch is that it shoots 60p at 8-bit 4:2:0.

I’ll probably thrown down anyway.

Peter Kent September 22, 2016

So Panasonic has called this a “Pre-Announcement” so no official specs have been released.

I believe internally it’s 4K60p at 8bit 422 and 4K30p at 10bit 422 but I assume the HDMI out will be 4k60p at 10bit 422 which is the max specs of HDMI 2.0 and all Micro HDMI ports support.

Panasonic’s GH line has always been good with bitrates so I assume they’ll keep the same standard compression ratio with 4K30p 8bit 422 at 200Mbps. 4K60p 10bit 422 on the other hand should be about 800Mbps but that’s quite a bit so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s only 400Mbps (remember that horrible AVCHD 1080p60 at 28Mbps?). Either way I bet it will require UHS-II cards. If 4k60 is only 400 but they have uncompressed HDMI I would be happy.

Peter Kent September 22, 2016

That’s assuming they stick with H.264, if they move on to H.265 it would supposedly cut those numbers in half but you’ll need a newer (2015ish) computer to playback the footage. Either way you’ll likely need more computer storage space or newer hardware.

Palmer Woodrow September 22, 2016

Cutting those numbers in half would be stupid. The idea is to get better quality with the same bitrate.

Of course, camera makers have a history of similar stupid behavior, cutting bitrate simply because you reduced the frame rate. Apparently they can’t conceive of wanting the BETTER quality that should come with reducing frame rate but keeping bitrate constant.

David McCormick September 24, 2016

I am quite interested in this. I know this was just a pre announcemrnt and we won’t know more until they work on it and give us more info at a later date.

Looking at the 6K photo, I wonder if they are going to use a multi aspect ratio sensor like the GH1 and GH2 had? I have a GH4 and use it all the time with an Atomos Ninja 2 recorder and was thinking of getting a 4K recorder for it, but may just save the money and hold off and see when the GH5 comes out.

I am hoping it will have the following things that I didn’t like on the GH4

1. Less noise at ISO 200-400 (maybe 800) a backlight illuminated sensor would really help that.

2. A proper LOG gamma instead of the V-Log L that Panasonic released on the GH4 which has issues including banding, noise, red/green colors and lacking a little dynamic range to be quite useful since to reduce noise you have to expose to +2 stops or so and that can blow highlights.

3. Improved dynamic range. Cameras today are starting to have more dynamic range than they used to. I know V-Log L gave us 12 stops of dynamic range over the 10 or so the other profiles had, but it has issues as I mentioned, and you couldn’t use a profile like that for photos which would have been useful to do. More dynamic range is quite important to me.

I know people have mentioned about other Panasonic cameras having the 5 axis stabilisation and wondering if the GH5 will have it, but I don’t mind if it doesn’t to keep the camera cool as I wouldn’t want another camera to overheat like Sony cameras are known to do.

David McCormick September 24, 2016

One last thing I’d like to see improved over the GH4:

Less aliasing on edges. Its not that noticeable on the GH4 4K/UHD resolutions, but I shoot with a Ninja 2 which is 1080p max, so use HDMI 10-bit 4:2:2 4K to 1080p downconvert to get the max quality and the resulting videos have rough looking thin lines and turning down the sharpness in camera just gives soft footage and doesn’t fix this.