Bright Tangerine’s Geared Filter Tray – Take Control of Your Matte Box

It’s only been a few weeks since we last talked to Rob from Bright Tangerine at NAB 2016. However, the company has kept quite busy and were eager to show us some of their newest products.

Geared Grad Tray

Bright Tangerine geared grad tray

This add-on to Bright Tangerine‘s Strummer DNA matte box allows you to control the position of a graduated filter by raising or lowering the filter tray. The mechanism works via a whip similar to those you can use on follow focus gears, with support on both sides of the tray for added stability. The Geared Grad Tray easily attaches to the back of the matte box, and is available in both 4×5.65 or 6×6 filter size.

New Top Flag

This new model will phase out existing top flags for this matte box. The advantage is that it now allows you to fully cover the front of the matte box when lowered down, protecting the front of your lens and filters during down time or lunch breaks (“Lunch breaks? What are those?” I hear some of you ask yourselves).


Bright Tangerine have also developed gloves combining durable leather and lightweight materials. The result is a very useful pair of gloves suitable for all aspects of production. And it’s designed to even work on touch screens.

These new products – along with the Revolver follow focus unit which they demonstrated at NAB 2016 – will be available from their store in approximately six weeks’ time.

Thanks again to Rob Eagle from Bright Tangerine!