The Digiboom – A Handheld Jib and Gimbal Combo from Redrock Micro

Redrock Micro has released a product that really needs to be seen to be believed. The Digiboom is a handheld (yes, handheld) jib and gimbal combo aimed primarily at the news and sports world. Oh, and it also has built in audio capabilities in the form of XLR inputs.

Designed for fast moving small crews in association with Disney/ABC the Digiboom is essentially a carbon fiber pole (extendable up-to 8ft) complete with a gimbal, thumb controller (for camera/gimbal control) and audio module. The kit does not include the monitor or Blackmagic Design Micro Studio Camera. While Redrock does recommend the Micro Studio camera for use with the DigiBoom it can be used with cameras with similar dimensions.

Redrock Micro Digiboom

You can trigger the camera from the hand grip/thumb controller and additionally Redrock promises all camera functions can be controlled from the hand if you are using the Blackmagic Design Studio Camera.
As far as portability this does seem like a small jib solution and it’s recommended for use with an included shoulder strap. In my opinion, the stress on the arms/biceps wouldn’t be ideal for long production days and using the shoulder strap would be the way to go.

The jib also includes onboard power and two male and two female full sized XLR ports at the base. Both the audio and power unit seem to have the added benefit of providing a counterbalance to the overall system.

I’ll be interested to see how the news and sports worlds adopt this particular product and it certainly stands out in a category with many familiar jibs in terms of design.

Pricing and Availability

There’s no word on pricing and availability yet. But expect it to be priced somewhere just under $5,000. The Digiboom will be available for purchase this summer. So you’ve got some extra time to get your head around this concept and to implement the Digiboom in your workflow. It sure does look weird but seems to be cool device for getting some interesting shots for sure.


Do you think this has the potential of impact the news and sport world? Let us now in the comments below!

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Łukasz Wijas

5 kurwa thousend for Jib – damn…


Wow, this is actual innovation, I could see this being quite usable and nice for run & gun shooting. I use my Zhiyun Crane with an extension and I am impressed with what I can get with just that and an iPhone 8 Plus. I shoot a lot of shoulder mount with bigger. heavier cameras and it is pretty limited as far as transitioning from shoulder to cradled or from shoulder to grabbing the handle, this sort of rig, provided it does have shoulder support, would allow for some really interesting walk and talk, tracking shots, etc. Not the right… Read more »

 Chris Edwards

Finally! This solves so many problems. I can see this being used on features and commercials too. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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