Testing the Olympus E-M1 MK II – On the Go Ep. 40 – feat. Janne Amunét

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In this episode of cinema5D On the Go recorded at Photokina 2016, we talk to Finnish filmmaker Janne Amunét, a camera operator and DoP with experience in features, music videos and commercials, who was approached by Olympus to test the new E-M1 MK II M43 camera.

In this first part of our conversation with Janne, he tells us about his beginnings in image-making with (surprise-surprise) the Canon 5D Mark II. Soon after his first videos made it to MTV Europe, his career moved along at a speed that many shooters out there can only dream of.

He also shares some great tips with us about limiting yourself regarding gear in order to really learn about the equipment you use.

Finally he teases a little bit about his experience testing the Olympus E-M1 MK II, which, due to its impressive in-body image stabilisation, is in his opinion “the best run and gun camera in the market today”. Janne has years of experience as a SteadyCam operator… Could he be onto something?

Definitely make sure to tune in for the next episode of cinema5D On the Go, where we discuss how the Olympus E-M1 MK II plays with stabilised M43 lenses, gimbals, and much more!

Olympus E-M1 MK II

Please visit our sponsors’ websites to keep new episodes of ON THE GO coming! Thanks to Hedge for Mac,  G-TechnologyRøde MicrophonesSachtler and in association with Ford and Sony.


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Deon Prabu

would you tested the DR of this camera?


I personally have not done any scientific tests for dynamic range, but shooting in sunny Spain and Helsinki, it was able to handle most things well enough to not limit working with it.. Feels like it is in the same territory as A7s but don’t take my word for it yet :)

 Helge Renner
Helge Renner

In case Olympus is reading this: Limiting the high bitrate recording to just 24p is excluding the entire European market of pro shooters. We need 25p and a bitrate of 100 Mbps is not enough for professional use. Please don’t limit the high bitrate mode to 24p!


Yup!!! I told them this immediately as well. For people like me shooting 80% Web or cinematic, 24fps is fine but I understand for most people it is not an option.

I made sure this request went to their R&D

 Helge Renner
Helge Renner

Hi Janne, great, thank you! I am shooting documentaries and this usually implies the involvement of TV, so 25p is a must. Btw, AGDOK, the German Association of Documentary Filmmakers regularly tests cameras suiting our needs. We just conducted a major test of with more than ten cameras ranging from the Sony A6300 to the Varicam LT. This new Olympus would be interesting as a research or B-cam or even an A-cam for unobtrusive filming – but preferably with a high bitrate mode. Because the A6300 for instance is really handicapped by it’s crippled codec. Would you have a contact… Read more »


Hey! shoot me an email at janne.amunet (at) gmail.com and I’ll gladly get you in touch with a guy from Olympus who could get you a camera.

Also. The good thing about this camera is that the output is 422 8bit and there you have the framerates. Of course it is not ideal, but with a little shogun setup you still have a great image, insane stabilization and a light setup.

 Helge Renner
Helge Renner

Hi Janne, thanks, I sent you a mail.

422 output is good, 8 bit is not so good. On the Sony cams the externally recorded ProRes 422 HQ signal is still prone to macro blocking and mushy textures in low exposure red and blue tones.


How is the autofocus on the camera for face tracking etc.? i want to ditch my bulky 80D for vlogging! thx