cinema5D forum coming back on Monday

The cinema5D forum that was moved away from this website 1 year ago will come back to the cinema5D domain today. The content will stay the same, the styling and usability will be new.

forum_scrHow it all started
I founded cinema5D 6 years ago when the first video capable DSLR cameras were announced. As a filmmaker I felt the need for a platform where we as a community that was quickly building around the new technologies could help each other put these limited, but exciting new tools to work.

The forum was born and grew quickly and I tried to handle all the duties as a forum admin investing back into the platform and adding new features to make it better and cover more ground.
How it all ended
Last year there was a point when I couldn’t handle it all on my own anymore and other duties and ideas called me. At the same time planet5D offered to help and take over the forum responsibilities, so we moved the forum over.

In the meantime together with my two new partners Nino Leitner and Johnnie Behiri we rebuilt the cinema5D platform from the ground. We then started to put our main focus on camera reviews and industry news.
The forum part of cinema5D has been missing ever since. And now, as a team with new ideas, connections to the industry and an ever growing number of collaborators we feel we have the capacity to house the forum at cinema5D for good.

For me it was the logical step to move the forum away when I saw it suffer under the limited time I had for it. I didn’t want to let it decay.
I realize today that this might not have been the right decision and with the new friends, sponsors and colleagues I have met and the new cinema5D office facilities we have established we feel we’re ready to move everything back under one roof again.

Here’s what will happen:
We have created a new forum housing on cinema5D that should integrate seamlessly. If you are a member at the planet5D forums you will automatically be redirected. The only change for you will be the domain name and the forum design which we have adapted to our current cinema5D design and partly leaned on the old cinema5D forum design and functionality. Our biggest focus was readability and a simplistic, community orientated design with a focus on communication and a modern feel. We hope you will welcome the change.

We have kept all current forum features and we will listen to all your recommendations and wishes as it is our main goal to make this a useful place for filmmakers.

Also we would like to say sorry for any inconvenience the moving around has caused and will cause, including a downtime during the transition on Monday March 17th.

To make this a positive experience we are preparing some big give-aways from certain well known manufacturers and also we’re trying to improve the whole platform for a better experience for all our frequent readers and members. We will keep you updated on this matter, but there are really some exciting things ahead which we’re sure you will enjoy with us.

And please, feedback is very welcome, positive or negative, we want to hear what you have to say and we want to listen.

Many greetings from Vienna,
Sebastian Wöber

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Jeremy March 4, 2014

Great news Sébastian.
A big surprise !
I wish you all the best for this new start.

Neil March 4, 2014

Fantastic news Sebastian! I visited the forum only a couple of times after it moved and I just couldn’t make the transition to the ad-cluttered layout and that awful green font – ugh! My eyes sting just thinking about it! :)

Very happy to see C5D back in your capable hands and I look forward to checking out the new design and interacting with folks again – that is, providing you don’t keep the green…?

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner March 4, 2014

It will tie in nicely with our current design, Sebastian did one hell of a job on that, I can guarantee you that.

Peter Kent March 4, 2014


JD March 4, 2014

I must say this is a bit silly and I’m sure we’ll have to re-register for a third time. I’m definitely not coming back.

Sebastian Wöber March 4, 2014

No you don’t have to re-register, and you probably meant a second time.

Ervani March 4, 2014

The right decision, I was a die-hard C5D forum visitor and user. But since the transfer to Planet5D I only used it twice. I lost all attention on the green board :-)

Hope you can get back the old community, old feel etc.

pedro March 4, 2014

good move to generate much more traffic on the page which will raise sales for sure. But you will need a full time admin – generates costs as well. Overall the result will be more income. Thumbs up :-)

D March 4, 2014

thank you. I tried multiple times but I just could not migrate to Planet5D.
Thanks for taking it back.

Eric Darling March 5, 2014

I dunno guys… The commitment wasn’t there the first time, when DSLR cameras were still a viable primary professional option for filmmaking. Before you dumped us on another site, the forum was experiencing downtime due to user traffic issues. Plus, with a name like Cinema5D, it is a bit confusing. Will you move back to a more DSLR focused mission, or will you continue to grow into a wider professional audience using a wider variety of tools more suited to many types of production? A lot of things have changed since I first picked up my 5D Mk II in 2010.

Johnnie Behiri March 5, 2014

Hi Eric.

“Dumped” is a very harsh word….
If you knew Sebastian you would have discovered a professional dedicated person who strive to do things the right way!. The forum grew up so much that it was simply beyond his capability to maintain and give it the attention it deserved.

Fast forward to present time and you will find Sebastian Nino and I to be doing very well and focus enough to get the forum back.

We will continue to cover our ever evolving industry and do our best to bring valuable information our followers and the community.



Eric Darling March 6, 2014

That’s how it felt at the time. The community was decimated, and the idea of an evolving forum beginning to branch out and cover more territory was made moot as the hassle of the move and the loss of the feeling of the place right at that fragile moment of its identity was too much for me. I’m glad you are re-committing to the task of building a community. I have nothing but the highest hopes for you guys, and best wishes. It takes a lot of work to foster and build an online community. It takes a lot of trust, too.

Stefan Maier March 12, 2014

Before the switch, the forums were kinda quiet anyway. But that will change I am sure. A lot of people miss those forums, and no they weren’t the same over there on plane5d. I guess. For me it was the green color that put me off (there I said it as well), but the DSLR community outgrew itself as well. Now a lot of us have BMCC’s, 5DMark3’s or even C100’s. That’s the kind of market segment we gonna talk about a lot for sure.
A lot of dedicated people gonna come back I’m sure. On we got about 5 of those ;(
(Me was just a lurker and occasional 2cent-giver, not a real contributor)

Clayton Moore March 5, 2014

Though I understood why you let it go before, Im glad its coming back. My expectation is that the new forum will keep up with more then just “DSLR” – so I look forward to it.

Ted March 13, 2014

good to know its coming back here.

Ed March 13, 2014

Are you guys using Have been developing a local UK based forum with that software. Looking slick.
Great to have you back. I confess I stopped being a regularly when it switched to Planet5D. Gaudy, ad-riddled, and I just don’t believe Mitch ‘got’ what the original community was about. Looking forward to some good growth. Congrats.

Michael Daeché March 15, 2014

Some disturbing comments on this topic.. Come on guys, focus on the positives.

I was disgruntled when the forum was moved over to Planet5D; so much so that I refused to join the “new community” and as such I am delighted to hear that Cinema5D will be back to its old self once again.

I’m sure I can speak on everyones behalf when I say we’re glad to hear we’re getting our forum back! Even if it ends up looking exactly the same as it did before it was transitioned to Planet5D, it was extremely easy to use, responsive, and legible.

I thank Sebastian, Nino and Johnnie for dedicating all their time and resources into keeping Cinema5D as vibrant as it has been and look forward to C5D’s future. Keep well guys, all the best.

58mm Rokkor March 17, 2014

Wow, interesting news for sure!

I was a long time Cinema5D user and one of the main moderators before the “move.” I could not make the transition to the new forum for several reasons but I am really glad to hear of this development.

Hopefully the forum will get renewed energy, many new members and maybe even some of the sorely missed “old guard” will return…

Best of luck!!!

Sebastian Wöber March 17, 2014

Max! It would be nice to see you around again. Cheers