Teradek Brings Wireless Video Monitoring to iPhones and iPads

The Link, Serv and VUER app from Teradek are aimed to bring wireless video monitoring to everyone on set with an iPhone or iPad. This promises to reduce crowding around video village and help keep large crews in the loop regarding all aspects of the production. 

SERV Unit Pictured Above, Image Credit: Teradek

With the help of the Teradek Link, VUER app and Serv, you’ll be able to transmit a video signal from the camera over WiFi within a range of about 300ft (92m).

Note: With a signal delay of 4 frames this system is not a good choice for pulling focus. For that, you’ll want to look at the something like the Teradek Bolt Pro 300.

Here’s how the system works: you first set up a wireless hotspot (802.11ac) using the Teradek Link (or another router), which can be powered by V-Mount or a Gold Mount adapter. Once the hotspot is live, you’ll then be able to allow real-time video monitoring in up to 4 iOS devices with the Teradek Serv mounted on the camera, or up to 10 iOS with the Serv Pro (pictured above). Simply start the VUER app, available from the App Store, to tap into the incoming signal.

The VUER app also provides you with a variety of tools, such as Frame Grab, anamorphic de-squeeze, false color, waveform and focus peaking. You’ll even be able to view the footage with various LUTs created by Pomfort LiveGrade.

In theory, this leads to a video village that isn’t packed with a variety of departments trying to see if their hard work is registering on-screen. A welcome change!

Pricing & Availability: TBD, VUER App available for download HERE.

What do you think? Does this system have an application in your studio or during larger productions? Comment below!

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 Lauri Tamminen
Lauri Tamminen

He says on the video pretty clearly that the latency is 4 FRAMES, not 4 SECONDS. 4 seconds would pretty much render this useless, so you should probably check and correct the article? This is also stated on the Teradek website…

Johnnie Behiri

Thank you Lauri, fixed!