Telling Stories in VR – DoP Eve Cohen & NoFilmSchool Founder Ryan Koo – ON THE COUCH Ep. 31, part 2 of 2

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In this episode of ON THE COUCH, we continue our chat with LA-based director of photography Eve Cohen, and NoFilmSchool founder & director Ryan Koo. This time, we go deeper into the topic of modern technology in filmmaking.

As you remember from last week’s episode, Eve is experienced in the new field of VR narrative shooting. Although there are many technical aspects to be considered when shooting in this format, the storytelling implications are even more important. Filmmaking draws from thousands of years of storytelling tradition already embedded in our collective consciousness, a tradition that is for the most part communal in nature. These days, when you put on a set of VR goggles you are immersing and isolating yourself in another reality and forgetting the world around you. Eve tells us how these challenges of maintaining a sense of audience and community informs and shapes her role as a storyteller.

On The Couch Eve Cohen Ryan Koo

Ryan also shares his experiences and thoughts as he works through the process of producing his first feature film. He also reminds us that technology, and the democratisation thereof, carries with it an ever-increasing proliferation of productions. Whereas in the past there used to be a few hundred movie releases a year, these days audiences are bombarded by tens of thousands of movies. How does a budding filmmaker face such a challenge today?

It was a pleasure to have Eve Cohen and Ryan Koo talk to us On The Couch. It was certainly an enlightening conversation that we are sure you will enjoy.


Please visit our sponsors’ websites to keep new episodes of ON THE COUCH coming! Thanks to G-Technology and Røde Microphones.


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Sandy Sandy June 14, 2016

I cannot believe I saw the first part, and a little of the 2nd part too. Awkward interview. Very curious lighting, strange echo in the sound recording, and poor choice of questions. Borderline boring.

Looked strangely formal. Also, maybe you could throw in jokes or humour to help with future interviews.

Please make future interviews more humour-riddles and have a faster pace. This seemed like a video of a sloth crossing a road.