TASCAM DR-701d Field Recorder Now Supports Sennheiser’s AMBEO VR Mic

cinema5D is in Japan again, this time to bring you the latest relevant video-related news from CP+, Japan’s biggest and most famous photo exhibition taking place in Yokohama. 

While strolling at the professional venue (located separately from the main exhibition hall), I came across Ambeo, the latest VR microphone from Sennheiser, and this time the mic was connected to TASCAM’s DR-701d field recorder. For those who are not familiar with the mic and the uniqueness of ambisonic sound, let me briefly summarise by writing that the mic is especially designed for 360° spatial audio recording, and Ambisonics is a multi-channel technique that lets you spherically capture the sound arriving from all directions, at a single point in space. Now, in order to record this 360 sound in all its glory, TASCAM partnered with Sennheiser to bring a firmware update for its field recorder that allows it to recognise and correctly capture whenever you record 360 sound with this mic.

More about the Ambeo microphone and the Ambisonics sound technic can be found at Sennheiser’s site here

TASCAM’s DR 701d field recorder FW update V2.0 can be downloaded here

Sennheiser Ambeo VR mic

In case 360 sound recording is your speciality, please share your thoughts about this combo with us. It is small and portable – but is it any good?

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Robert Halliday Jr.

They steal so much from Zoom, but I’m ok with it.

Robert Frank

I have used many brand recorders over the years and in the ‘affordable’ range prefer Tascam over Zoom for the better build quality and quieter pre-amps.

Robert Halliday Jr.

Robert Frank I might be with you but what I meant by my comment was that whenever zoom makes something, tascam makes it better a year later. Looks like the same design and everything but functionality is usually better.