Check Out Syrp’s Genie II – Next Generation Video & Time-Lapse Motion Controller

The Syrp Genie II, the new version of the motion controller by the New Zealand-based company, has been announced during NAB 2017. The all-new Syrp Genie II is a motion control device that improves on the first generation and brings more possibilities in motion control for video and time-lapse.

A couple of months ago, we heard about the Syrp Slingshot, a wire cam for dynamic time lapses. Now the company has introduced their new Syrp Genie II time lapse motion controller device. The new Genie consists of two components:

  • Linear drive system that makes up the base of the Genie. It can be attached to any slider on the market and allows you to achieve linear motion control through the string just like the first generation Genie. You can use the base only and attach camera head directly to it if you just want linear motion.
  • Pan/tilt component which can be attached to the base and brings full 3-axis motion control.

The New Syrp Genie II at NAB

The new Syrp Genie II claims to be faster, quieter and more powerful than the first generation, and has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, which serves for communication between the linear base and the pan/tilt module of the product for precise 3-axis control. WiFi is used for high-speed transfer of footage and for communication with the Syrp Genie app.

It has two USB-C ports on the linear base and three USB-C ports on the pan/tilt module. It is capable to control camera settings like aperture, exposure time and ISO directly through the Genie app, and works with exchangeable Lithium batteries.

We can certainly see that the new locking mechanism is very nice, the linear drive system offers a smaller footprint and the whole system is lighter than the first generation. As a first look, also the pan/tilt head seems like a powerful tool for time-lapse photography as well as video applications with its low noise design, though only a proper field test will provide the necessary insights. On a side note, we have high expectations for products coming from Syrp.

Both the Syrp Genie II Linear Drive System & Pan/Tilt Component will cost about $2,000, but will also be available as separate products. Syrp plans to start shipping in November.

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Arkadiusz Zajas Allemedia

Oh my god… Take my card!

Gurushankar Subramanian

$2000!! And that is before you get the puck, tracks, tripods and whatnot. That is a fair bit more money than Syrp normally asks for.

Shane Rickard

Not really for an all in 1 3 axis solution that is so small. Look around for 3 axis controllers, they are more than that.

Vj Verman

Way to expensive…. It doesn’t cook or clean or anything else …. There are better solutions out there …..

Shane Rickard

Not really for how compact and how capable it is. This looks like a far better than Kesslers 2nd shooter option, or even Emotimo’s stuff purely because of better design. What I want to know is what its weight capacity on the tilt is. Thats where it could really prove its value.

Vj Verman

Looks nice ,but still to expensive…. I own the Kessler Crane second shooter also dynamic perception and those are expensive but still not that expensive comparing to this one …. I want to see what is the weight capacity and how it performs …. is it worth it or not after all……

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