SteadyGum – Much Needed Camera Shoulder Support for ENG Operators

SteadyGum have introduced a camera shoulder support system for the ENG operator. The system helps balance the camera and takes stress off your back in order to prevent injuries.

SteadyGum Camera Shoulder Support Looks After Your Health

The main inspiration to develop SteadyGum has been the prevention of injuries. The amount of professional experiences in the audiovisual world encouraged the team behind SteadyGum to try and find a way to distribute the weight of the camera as well as to reduce the physical effort in order to improve the health and the productivity of the Cameramen.  Apart from the ergonomics benefits of the SteadyGum, the system provides stability, better use and effectiveness in a reduced, light, simple and easy to set up system.  Due to the development of the “gum like” elastic belt, designed exclusively to include all these features, the SteadyGum is configured to be a supportive part of your body in order to reduce stress on our health.

SteadyGum Camera Shoulder Support

Pricing and Availability

The SteadyGum is available as of now and can be bought directly from their website for an introductory price of 1,600€.

What do you think of SteadyGum? Health is an important factor in our work. Do you believe the SteadyGum camera shoulder support can help you? Please let us know in the comments below.