Sony RX100V & Sony A6500 Hands-On Video – Rolling Shutter & Overheating Solved?

Yesterday’s press event at Sony’s European headquarters was very informative. We were given the possibility to record with the new RX100V but not with the a6500 as this camera was not yet ready for primetime, although we did get a A6500 Hands-On too.

Sony RX100V, Sony a6500

Sony RX100V, Sony a6500

Here are, in short, the new features that these cameras have to offer:

On both cameras: 

  • The Sony RX100V and Sony a6500 both share the same BIONZ X image processor and front-end LSI chip as the new Sony a99II, which allows for high volumes of data to be processed.
  • The buffer has been increased, which allows for capture of more photos per second and longer slow-motion videos.
Sony RX100V - Better rolling shutter effect control

Sony RX100V – Better rolling shutter effect control

Sony RX100V: 

  • Video image quality has been slightly improved.
  • Rolling shutter effect has been greatly improved because of better processing.
  • Autofocus is now faster and more accurate than before.
  • Photo mode allows up to six seconds of 24fps in RAW, theoretically allowing to create short 5.5K video clips.
  • New underwater housing (Marine pack MPK-URX100A, up to 40m/130ft).
RX100V Marine Pack

RX100V Marine Pack

Sony a6500:

  • The autofocus function has been improved over the a6300 and you can now lock your subject in the frame and the camera will follow it nicely, which is great for single gimbal operators. Additionally, the touch screen will allow a “tap to focus” function at 3 different speeds, giving you a nice and easy way to change focus points while shooting.  Alternatively, you can use the camera’s EVF and use your thumb to glide on the screen and change to your desired focus point as you would have done with a touch pad.
  • The overheating problem that was a major issue with the a6300 is hopefully a thing of the past. In the camera menu you can now change the “Auto power off temp” setting from Standard to High. As a result, the camera will get warmer to the touch, but the recording time before switching off will be longer. How much longer depends on many factors, but future user experience will determine how good it is.
Sony a6500. Overheating a thing of the past?

Sony a6500. Overheating a thing of the past?

  • The 5-axis stabilization for camera shake compensation looks to be working nicely, but as we were not permitted to record, it is yet to be seen how effective it is.
  • The menu structure has been improved and you can find all the video related functions – plus some photo functions that sneaked in – under one main button.
  • Low light performance over the a6300 has been improved.
Sony a6500 - Lock autofocus function

Sony a6500 – Lock autofocus function


It seems like Sony has done well in improving both cameras when it comes to video quality and functionality, although it is still a pity that none of these models have a headphone jack for direct audio monitoring. In regards to how well the rolling shutter effect is controlled on the a6500, I would prefer to wait for the final version before making a verdict. Stay tuned for our full camera reviews coming soon.

Disclaimer: cinema5D was a guest of Sony’s at this European press event, and covered flight and travel costs. 

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Ram Sarup Reply
Ram Sarup October 14, 2016

Rolling shitter? No

Overheating? No.
But at least it lasts a hell of a lot longer than the A6300.

Gio Fortunato Reply
Gio Fortunato October 14, 2016

All these issues can’t be fixed also on the A6300 with a firmware update?

Johnnie Behiri October 14, 2016

Hi Gio.

Let me check with Sony and I’ll come back to you.

Stefan Tasic Reply
Stefan Tasic October 14, 2016

“Low light capability over the a6300 has been improved.” In what way did they improve it? They share the same sensor.

Johnnie Behiri October 14, 2016

Hi Stefan.

I can only guess that it is an algorithm thing. In the presentation we had, the a6500 looked noticeably better then the a6300 yet don’t expect a7SII lowlight quality.

Hope that helps.

Thank you


cinema5D Reply
cinema5D October 15, 2016

Processing. A lot of cameras share the same sensors yet better processing means less noise.

Marius Dasein Reply
Marius Dasein October 15, 2016

Only in Jpeg i presume …

cinema5D Reply
cinema5D October 15, 2016

Marius Dasein We are mainly interested in video performance, and that seems to be less noisy in initial checks. Our review is coming soon.

Marius Dasein Reply
Marius Dasein October 15, 2016

Oh, i understand. Thanks.

Aaron Nathanson Reply
Aaron Nathanson October 14, 2016

Hopefully Sony will someday make the technological breakthrough that will finally allow the retro A7S’ record button to be remapped ;)

cinema5D Reply
cinema5D October 15, 2016

that’s too much to ask ;-)

the SUBVERSIVE October 14, 2016

Well, I’m skeptical about that until a lot more testing is done.

Why? The same thing was said about the A6300 when it was launched and tested.

Just watch the video at 4:15.

The funny thing is that Max Yuryev himself was one of the guys that after that did a lot of testing and showed how much the A6300 overheated.

I just hope that the A6500 doesn’t become a Samsung Galaxy Note by forcing itself into recording longer and start a fusion reaction! hahahaha…

Shizuku Dn October 14, 2016

I wish they can redo or update the menu structure on A7RII too.
The menu for me now is a mess.

 Tory Taglio Reply
Tory Taglio October 15, 2016

So by utilizing the 24fps stills in a LIghtroom timeline, then exporting as a video clip, the RX100V can shoot 6 second clips of 5.5K RAW footage??? Why isn’t EVERYONE talking about this??? Even if it its only 3 secs of RAW 5.5, this is revolutionary. Anyone else see the potential here? RED, C300’s, just about anything else with this capability is 20-60x more $$$. Am I wrong?

the SUBVERSIVE October 15, 2016

It seems that it can’t really hit 24fps consistently, so not exactly the same nor really usable for video.

This RX100 isn’t as revolucionary as you think it’s.

One of those Nikon 1″ cameras did RAW 60fps ( and now Olympus E-M1 will do 20MP RAW 60fps while Panasonic will offer something similar but 30fps JPEGs.

The Nikon and E-M1 are much more interesting than this RX100 V.

Peter Kent October 15, 2016

Camera looks great so far, I’ll be interested to see if the HD quality is any sharper, especially in 120fps mode and how well the overheating fix works with IBIS in use.

Bruce Hyer Reply
Bruce Hyer October 15, 2016

Perhaps the most interesting that I’ve seen about the a6500 is the touch screen focusing. Not that I want to be bumping the camera while I’m shooting video, but apparently this can be controlled via a PlayMemories app (or can it?). This needs some exploring because the implications are massive. The autofocus on the a7r2 works amazingly well – smooth, fast, accurate – and if it could be controlled by an app on a nearby iPad, then remote focus pulling could become easier and more accurate. And without spending a fortune on hardware to make it work. I’m assuming of course that this functionality available on the a6500 will be ported to the a7 cameras.

Steve MacDonald Reply
Steve MacDonald October 16, 2016

I see that guy from DigitalREV takes his clown act along no matter where he goes.

Peter Kent October 16, 2016

I’m finding it fun to watch everyones coverage of the same event, I must say I like Johnnie’s video here on Cinema5D the best. It “feels” more TV and less youtube, if that makes any sense to anyone else. Though the end seemed awkwardly cut short and a bit lacking in “tested” information compared to some others but this is such a nice little collection of clips from the event.