All Questions About the New Sony FS5 Answered in This Video

Earlier today Sony announced the new Sony FS5, a smaller and more affordable version of the famous Sony FS7 camera. In the above video we spoke to Jin Koide, Product Specialist at Sony, to give you all the details about the new camera.

sony-fs5-18The FS5 is smaller in size, offering better ergonomics, similar to the form factor of the Canon C300. The smaller size helps to be used in confined spaces, with handheld gimbals and drones. 14 stops of dynamic range, an electronic variable ND Filter and its ability to shoot 240fps at 10bit 4:2:2 image quality makes this camera a force to reckon with.

The PXW-FS5 is a super 35 handheld camera, and only weighs 0.84kg. The 4K Super35 “Exmor” CMOS sensor offers all the benefits of a large format sensor in combination with the exceptional image readout speeds required for 4K motion-picture shooting and Super Slow Motion.


It has a built-in electronic variable ND filter that can be controlled from 1/4ND to 1/128ND linearly. This makes the FS5 ideal for fast-moving shoots in changeable environments.

The other extraordinary feature is the high frame rate recording capability. 240fps at 10bit 4:2:2 internally. Similar to the FS700 it is also possible to record higher frame rates of 480fps and 960fps, but at the cost of image quality (resolution).


The Sony FS5 shoots 100Mbps 4K (3840 x 2160) using Sony’s advanced XAVC (Long GOP) recording system. According to Sony, there will be a future possibility to record RAW externally via a firmware upgrade.

The 14 stops of dynamic range is refined by the S-Log3 mode. S-Log2 is still available on the camera as well.

Expected availability: November 2015. PRE ORDER HERE
List Price: $6,700 without lens, $7,300 with 18-105mm f/4.

cinema5D at IBC 2015
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Myles Thompson Reply
Myles Thompson September 11, 2015

Your 20 second intro with all the sponsors and the ‘in a world’-style Hollywood voiceover is such a drag when you actually want to see some content…

Johnnie Behiri September 11, 2015

Myles. We happy we can deliver free content on our site. Thanks! Johnnie

Myles Thompson Reply
Myles Thompson September 11, 2015

Sure. Just hard to watch…

Ernânio Mandlate Reply
Ernânio Mandlate September 12, 2015

You can just start paying for all their costs, I’m sure they would appreciate it and you won’t be bothered by those “pesky sponsors”. What do you say?

James Bridges Reply
James Bridges September 11, 2015

Can you get 4k 24/25/30 out if the SDI port? I cannot stand HDMI…

Johnnie Behiri September 12, 2015

Hi James. Will check with Sony and come back to you. Thanks. Johnnie

Satva Leung September 12, 2015

I think I’ll hold out for the Mini Ursa 4.6K

 Darren Wolff Reply
Darren Wolff September 13, 2015

Wondering if there was scope in a firmware update to record XAVC-I instead of Long Gop. Maybe you could ask Sony why they chose Long-Gop for acquisition in the first place in a pro camera? It means I need to use an external recorder once again. Just a niggling shame really.

Dee Rus Reply
Dee Rus September 22, 2015

if it does a good raw it should kick black magic´s ursa and mini in the face.. do you think so?