Sony FS700 pimped to 4K RAW tutorial

As shooting RAW is getting ever more popular among low budget productions and 4K is starting to become a requirement the Sony FS700 in combination with the R5 RAW recorder looks like an interesting proposal.
The update for Sony’s S700 was presented this summer and while the option to record RAW at slomo speeds up to 240 fps was intriguing, the size and cost of the setup is for many a big downside.
Craig from Magnanimous Media sent us this very well made complete rundown of their FS700 setup basically presenting all you need to know about RAW acquisition with the Sony FS700. Here you can decide for yourself if the FS700 RAW update makes sense:
When we tested the FS700 we didn’t have the S-log 2 gamma curve, nor did we have a chance to shoot RAW with the Sony HXR-IFR5 module presented above. This of course makes the Sony FS700 a whole new camera to consider.
So how much does the fun cost?
The Sony AXS-R5 recorder together with the Sony HXR-IFR5 module, a 512GB AXS card and card reader cost $9900 in total. Add to that the price of the camera itself ($7699) which makes it a package worth $17599.
Not cheap.
If you’re really into this then there’s an alternative worth considering: The Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q announced in March is a field monitor with RAW recording capabilities.
With the required licenses for $795 and 2 256GB cards the recorder costs $3880 and with the Sony interface comes down to $6080. This option while still expensive is more affordable, but you’re losing the option to record 4K at 120fps…
If you want to see more FS700 RAW goodness check out the video below, but do make sure you download/watch the original clip on vimeo, because the transcoded vimeo version is a whole different world:
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