Sony A7sII Hands-On Video – Main Features

We interviewed Shiori Katsumata from Sony Europe to run us through the main features of the brand-new Sony A7sII.

For more detailed information about the technical specifications of the newly announced 4K “low light beast” from Sony, please read our previous post by clicking here.

cinema5D at IBC 2015
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Bert Alberts Jr. Reply
Bert Alberts Jr. September 11, 2015

More excited about this years IBC than the Apple Keynote :p

Kamil Tamiola Reply
Kamil Tamiola September 11, 2015

Cook! Damn! It would be nice to have one of these babies on upcoming assignments :)

Matthew Carmody Reply
Matthew Carmody September 11, 2015

Nino, did you have a chance to ask whether the 120p modes (both of them) have any quality differences compared with FHD 24p? Or whether there is a significant quality improvement when you use the slow mo function to get instant 5X slowmo in the camera (bitrates, time limits if any etc. would be helpful too)
Thanks for the timely info :)

Edin Gacic Reply
Edin Gacic September 11, 2015

she was not sure about the HD mode is it cropped or full frame can you confirm that it shoots full frame in HD mode up to 120fps

Sebastian Wöber Reply
Sebastian Wöber September 11, 2015

It should, as the original a7S downscales nicely and does FF HD. We’ll probably have to wait and find out.

Riley Endicott Reply
Riley Endicott September 11, 2015

Did she say that the minimum ISO would be 1600 in S-log? That seems odd considering the A7R2 has a minimum ISO of 800.

Tinny Tang Reply
Tinny Tang September 11, 2015

What is the base ISO in Log? Hopefully it will require the use of less ND.

Edin Gacic Reply
Edin Gacic September 11, 2015

one step down as I understand

Tinny Tang Reply
Tinny Tang September 11, 2015

Thanks Edin 1600? I was hoping it would be the same as A7RII at 800.

Hüseyin Kuyulu Reply
Hüseyin Kuyulu September 11, 2015

Edin Gacic I have an A7s it is full frame but it have cropped mode

Art Sanchez Reply
Art Sanchez September 11, 2015

Does it has full pixel readout in s35 mode aswell?

Nicholas Lam September 11, 2015

Exactly how many stops better is the A7SII vs A7S?

And did they explain why they left out PDAF?

Carson Waugh September 11, 2015

I’m curious as to whether this 2nd gen. A7s will suffer the same inadequacies as the A7RII when recording 4k. Overheating after 30 minutes seems to be a deal-breaker for alot of consumers…

Oscar M Reply
Oscar M September 11, 2015

Rec button still same stupid place. jezzz

Johnnie Behiri September 12, 2015

Hi Oscar. You can assign a different button to REC so it’s much easier to handle.

Oscar M Reply
Oscar M September 12, 2015

ak ok thx

Jay Oliveira Reply
Jay Oliveira September 11, 2015

How about rolling shutter?

GELAX STUDIO September 12, 2015

It is said that A7SII does 5x times faster reading than the A7S~
so it maybe greatly improved~

Affonso Nunes Reply
Affonso Nunes September 12, 2015

3K for a body seems a litle so much (or not)? 2.5K for a Canon XF100 HD, 4:2:2 Color Sampling, with lens :/

David Lewin Reply
David Lewin September 12, 2015

So will the internal 4k make it overheat after 10 minutes like the a7Rii?

Will Drey Reply
Will Drey September 13, 2015

Why nobody asked them about the heat issue I’m pretty sure you guys aware of it..smh please ask important questions this is an interview.

David Lewin Reply
David Lewin September 13, 2015

The heat issue is a valid concern for those who aren’t aware. Just because it isn’t important to you doesn’t mean it isn’t to others.

Will Drey Reply
Will Drey September 13, 2015

David Lewin I wasn’t refer to you sir. I’m in the same boat as you. I was talking to the interviewer.

 Scott Thomas Reply
Scott Thomas October 18, 2015

Yes i returned my a7r2 because of the over heating. Its to hot in australia for these cameras, mine always over heated

Jason Williamson Reply
Jason Williamson September 13, 2015

Does it have DC power input? or just battery and dummy batter for AC? wondering if it can be rigged up with V-lock/AB power supply instead of BP-U batteries.

JJ Casas September 15, 2015

Hey Jason, check out how we power our a7s rig:

Antonin Bachès Reply
Antonin Bachès October 2, 2015

Is there a face detection like on the a7r2?

Dominique Brown Reply
Dominique Brown October 6, 2015

So it can only do 4k no 2 or 3k option at all and it cost more the the a7r2 I’ll wait for the mark 3 by then all the kinks should be worked out

 Scott Thomas Reply
Scott Thomas October 18, 2015

Does the screen dim when filming 4k like on the a7r2?

 Zodi Carlinhos Reply
Zodi Carlinhos December 24, 2015

There is one huge wrong information in this video. She says that you will be able to use the full sensor to film in slow, but when you put into 120fps, the camera crops even more than one APS-C sensor. This wrong information pushed me to the decision to buy the camera, to use 120fps, but when I got it in hands I saw it doesn’t work the way she said. I need image in 120fps with a fisheye angle, and it is impossible because of the crop.