Looking for a Sony A7S II Cage? Check Out the New Varavon Zeus

[UPDATE]: Check out our extensive Sony a7S II / a7R II Cage Review

At IBC 2015 we saw a lot of camera cages made specifically for the Sony A7R II and Sony A7S II. The Varavon Zeus caught our eye with its very modular design, snug fit and cable clamp options.

If you’re looking for a Sony A7S II cage you’ll soon have a lot of choice. Many manufacturers are designing Sony A7R II and Sony A7S II cages. At cinema5D we recently looked at the best cages for the Sony A7S and Varavon’s Armor II a7S Cage was our favourite. We’ll soon undertake a similar comparison for A7S II cages.

For now the Varavon Zeus looks like a great option. It is very modular, felt very robust yet lightweight and the new cable clamp system looks promising as well.

The Varavon Zeus is available for pre-order for $312 or $367 with a second handle at HERE

cinema5D at IBC 2015
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Alex Pasquini September 23, 2015

Used mine on a shoot today with a7rii. Really nice. A few things to note, although the handles are ‘toolless’ in that you can swap what side of the cage you want them to be on, if you want to rotate the handle, then you’ll need a coin to initially unscrew it/tighten. It can then be quickly screwed back quickly with just thumbs.

Also, since you mount the camera directly to the cage, it means the little metabones stand becomes obsolete. Kind of just hovering there redundant. Would be nice if they could design an addon that let’s you screw in the metabones as well for added stability and put less stress on the main body mount.

Matt James September 29, 2015

I’ve found a very interesting website with really great looking camera cages. Among others, they have a cage for Sony a7r and a7rii. http://goo.gl/8fUjCf
They are a new Polish company, called 8Sinn. Their products and its design looks amazing as for me! Essential thing is also that 8Sinn cages are made in Europe, so the quality is surely good.

Johnnie Behiri October 13, 2015

We asked 8Sinn to send us a cage for our up coming A7xII cage review but so far they were avoiding sending us one.