Soft, Softer, Ultrasoft – F&V’s Affordable Soft LED Panels

F&V have recently announced their new Soft series of light panels: the smaller Ultracolor Z400s and the larger Ultracolor Z800s.


The new UltraColor Soft series prides itself with “soft, softer, ultrasoft”. It offers true colour reproduction throughout the complete colour temperature range. The UltraColor Soft series light renders neutral skin tones, colors and shadows. CRI and TLCI measurements can only give a small insight into how LED lights render the full spectrum. The UltraColor Soft series can shine beyond those values with a well balanced colour response. Pure white light with a TLCI of up to 99.


The Z400S is already bright at 1841 lux @ 1m and a beam angle of 130º. With The KS-1 intensifier, the light is concentrated into a 50º beam angle, allowing the Z400S Soft to achieve 4400 lux @ 1m (5600K).

The UltraColor Soft series light panels are also flicker-free up to 15 000fps.

There are two different version of the UltraColor series:

UltraColor Z400S Soft:

  • 90W
  • 3200 – 5600 K
  • 12-24V DC
  • Incl. V-Mount Plate
  • 8cm Thin
  • Silent Passive Cooling

The F&V Ultracolor Z400S Soft is available now for $890.

UltraColor Z800S Soft:

  • 180W
  • 3200 – 5600 K
  • 12-36V DC
  • Incl. V-Mount Plate
  • 8cm Thin
  • Silent Passive Cooling

The larger F&V Ultracolor Z800S Soft will be available in June 2016. No Price has been announced yet.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 6.39.28 PM
There are various accessories that you can buy with the F&V UltraColor Soft series. Direct the light to create accents as well as to create a visual focus within your scene or turn your light into an omni-directional space light. The choices are endless and F&V have made sure to fulfill all your lighting dreams.

Get the new Z400S HERE for $890

Get the new Z400S HERE at CVP.
(Price about to be corrected at CVP – Standard Pack is €899 plus VAT, Premium Kit €999 – during the introductory period they offer the Premium Kit for the price of the Standard Pack)

What do you think of the new UltraColor Soft Series? Would you like to have it in your kit? Let us know in the comments below.


cinema5D at NAB 2016
Atomos Art-List B&H Tilta Blackmagic Design

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Nico Wieseneder Reply
Nico Wieseneder April 22, 2016

Ein Vergleich/Test gegen die neuen Litepanels Astra Soft wäre sehr interessant!

 Ivan Grifi Reply
Ivan Grifi April 22, 2016

Can these lights be powered by batteries?

Nic Divischek Reply
Nic Divischek April 22, 2016

Hi Ivan, yes, the Ultracolor Soft Panels come with a V-Lock Battery Mount.

 Andy Turner Reply
Andy Turner April 23, 2016

Is there a z180 soft version coming?

 Matteo Fontana Reply
Matteo Fontana April 23, 2016

I’ve been using the F&V K4000s Bi-color, and they’re ok if you have to do close up and interviews,
they’re also quite cheap as price ( bag, 3 led panels ) 1100 € .

but those new ones are way too much expensive specially if you compare the specs.
They look the same the only difference is that those new ones have a soft box straight on top

probably the new led are better in terms of quality, but the build is the same and lux@ 1mt is actually less from what i’m reading . ( keep in mind that they’re quite heavy as well)
So i guess there’s no point of buying just one for 1200£when ou can get 3 for 930£

color maybe more precise but it really justify so much increase in the price?

By the way i’m going to rent it when is possible then i’ll post the results.

I like F&V products cause the balance between price point and quality is excellent, I hope that they’re not changing the policy as many company do when have succeeded with one product.

 Mark-André Voss Reply
Mark-André Voss April 24, 2016

Hi Matteo, thank you for your feedback.

The only similarity between the new UltraColor Z400S Soft panel and the K4000S Lumic or Z400S UltraColor panel is the housing. The technology is completely changed and with this also the performance, which is greatly improved in all regards: clean single soft shadow, higher and constant brightness through the color temperature range with a wider beam angle and highest color reproduction.

The brightness is much higher: Z400S Soft 1841 lux@1m at 130° beam angle whereas the previous Z400S had 1170 lux@1m at 60° beam angle. With the wider beam angle of the Soft series, using the softbox and intensifier, you can focus the fixture to around 50° and then the brightness increases to 4400 lux@1m in daylight. Keep in mind that these brightness values are with the fixed diffusor (which is very important for a really soft, single shadow light source) in the case of the Soft series and without diffusor in the previous series, so when you diffuse the previous series the difference becomes even bigger.

The brightness is linear through the color temperature range: With other Bi-color units you normally have a brightness peak at the medium color temperature setting and basically half the maximum brightness at pure daylight or pure tungsten. In the Soft series this is different and basically the brightness is constant through the color temperature range, so that at pure 5600K the Soft panel actually offers maximum brightness.

Color reproduction has also been improved even when compared to our previous UltraColor series, now offering a very close to perfect TLCI of 99 in tungsten and 98 in daylight.

As a last remark, the price on the CVP site and also the EUR price in the article are unfortunately wrong. The EUR price for the Soft series is 899€ excl. VAT for the Standard Pack and 999€ excl. VAT for the Premium Kit and during the preorder period you get the Premium Kit for the price of the Standard Pack.

With F&V we will always offer excellent quality at great prices and the Soft series is no exception to this when you compare it with the competition.

 Matteo Fontana Reply
Matteo Fontana April 24, 2016

thank you Mark
I have no doubt in the quality of your LED but before being agreed with you in terms of evolution from the previous product I would have to test it on the field …

I do have many of your LEDs and some are great, some are not. Many cost just a few bucks and they’re great and vice versa.

I guess I’ll have to wait for some service availability and rent to make some tests


Matteo Fontana

 William Tuke Reply
William Tuke April 23, 2016

I absolutely agree with Matteo Fontana. I would have purchased a kit of these if they were half the price. I really wanted a set of soft LED lighting fixtures and initially thought these lights were the answer to my prayers, but they are way too expensive for the independent or solo filmmaker. I’m sure these are aimed at broadcasters (NAB after all), who have deep pockets, but it is not good for independent/solo filmmakers. I can only hope that some Chinese manufacture (Aputure), will come along and produce them at a fraction of the price!

 Matteo Fontana Reply
Matteo Fontana April 24, 2016

watch out for Chinese manufacturer even if the price are quite appealing often are cheap build quality and the light output is not as advertised.

my advice is to go with F&V right now as they are the best in terms of quality and price ( Speaking about LED) .

but before you buy anything just rent what you are interested in buying because usually what the company is selling differs very little from what you expect. even if the technology is actually the latest.

Matteo Fontana