SmallHD Wireless Monitors – FOCUS Bolt TX and RX

At NAB 2018, SmallHD showed off new wireless versions of their popular 5″ FOCUS monitor and we spoke with the company Co-Founder, Wes Phillips, to get all the details. Like the Bolt 703, SmallHD has merged their FOCUS 5-inch monitor with Teradek’s wireless capabilities and the results could be welcome news for directors or for clients looking for portable field monitor solutions.

Picture Credit: Teradek and SmallHD

We already covered the announcement of the transmitter and receiver versions of the FOCUS Bolt, but we thought it would be useful to catch up with SmallHD Co-Founder, Wes Phillips, and see the product for ourselves. After going hands on with the new monitors it appears that the FOCUS Bolt TX and RX are among the lightest wireless monitor/receiver solutions available. Shipping along with the 5-inch FOCUS touchscreen are the lightweight grippy monitor handles and a Sony L series battery. Of course, you can also power the monitors with a D-Tap cable.

For more information on the new OLED version of the FOCUS you can catch our earlier post HERE.

According to Wes, SmallHD is listening carefully to customer feedback and future versions of the FOCUS monitor transmitter/receiver might include an SDI version too. I wouldn’t mind seeing wireless 4K or direct camera settings control through the monitor in the future either!

Photo Credit: Teradek and SmallHD

The FOCUS RX really is the perfect size for anyone interested in making sure the camera team is getting the coverage they need and at 5-inches it’s portable enough to not take up space in your kit. For DP’s looking to make critical color and lighting decisions they may be better served by the SmallHD 702 OLED or a larger production monitor like the SmallHD 1703.

Both the Focus Bolt TX and RX have an expected availability of May 31st. For more information on both monitors don’t forget to check out our earlier post HERE.

What do you think? Will the Focus Bolt TX and RX find a way into your kit when they ship later this month? Comment below!