SLR Magic MicroPrime CINE 18mm T/2.8 – Full Frame Ultra-Wide For E Mount

The SLR Magic MicroPrime CINE lineup goes ultra-wide with a new 18mm T/2.8 full frame E mount lens. 

A wide angle lens is a staple for any kit bag or prime lens kit, and after the success of the MicroPrime CINE series, SLR Magic have previewed their 18mm T/2.8 full frame E mount lens at IBC 2018.

The SLR Magic MicroPrime CINE 18mm T/2.8 lens has been designed to keep in consistency with the other lenses of the range in terms of diameter, 82mm filter thread and length. This saves considerable time, if the camera and lens setup is being used with a matte box and follow focus system, as the focus barrel and lens is located in the same place on every lens.

SLR Magic now have 5 lenses in the MicroPrime series: 18mm T/2.8, 25mm T/1.5, 35mm T/1.3, 50mm T/1.2 and 75mm T/1.5. Andrew from SLR Magic explains that although it would be nice to include a much wider aperture in the 18mm model, the diameter and weight of the lens would be much greater than its ‘Micro’ design now. It wouldn’t fit within the remit of the MicroPrime series of lenses and couldn’t be used for gimbal work due to the weight.

Andrew hints at even wider MicroPrime CINE lenses to come in the future, aimed at Super-35 and APS-C sensor cameras. At the moment, the range will stay dedicated to the E-mount system, not any other mounts.

Here is a breakdown of the SLR Magic MicroPrimeCINE 18mm T/2.8 lens specs:

  • Full frame E-mount lens
  • Max aperture of T/2.8
  • Minimum aperture of T/16
  • Minimum focus distance of 17cm
  • 82mm filter thread
  • 0.8 pitch gears
  • Weighing in at 580g/20.45oz
  • 74mm in length and 85mm in width.

The SLR Magic MicroPrime 18mm T/2.8 will be available from October.

Are you in need of an ultra-wide cine prime lens like this 18mm T/2.8? Would this lens suit your gimbal filming needs? Let us know in the comments.

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【Eマウント】SLR Magic MicroPrime CINE 18mm T / 2.8 フルサイズ対応  10月発売予定。 | あなたに知ってほしい事Jamal WarnerJean-Yves DurocherJohnnie Behirialistair barclay Recent comment authors
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Jamal Warner

There aren’t ANY reviews of the microprimes. Only announcement articles and then a couple people checking them out at NAB. But no reviews. What’s up with that? SLR Magic ….. either send me some or send some to ANY YouTuber. This lineup seems great but it’s hiding in the dark!

 alistair barclay
alistair barclay

any idea what is the price?

 alistair barclay
alistair barclay

Johnnie , te option to edit is no longer available?

Johnnie Behiri


Vey strange, on my system I surly can edit my comment.

Please be kind to send me a screen shot at the functions you have while commenting. (johnnie (at)

Will take a closer look at it.

Thank you!


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