Simple Effective Accurate Manual Time-lapse Controller

Time-lapse filming always ignites my imagination as there are some colleagues out there who are doing a tremendous job in getting amazing time-lapse footage. 

Besides spending endless hours taking individual frames that will eventually construct your masterpiece, one obstacle with that type of work can be the battery life of the motion control device that you are using. That’s where Hitotsuki-san from Yoshimi Camera Co. LTD, whom I met in Japan during InterBee 2015, comes into the picture with his simple yet genius solution, “the Roundlapse”, a simple effective accurate manual time-lapse controller which is based on a very robust timer and requires no batteries for its operation.

Made from die-cast aluminium and can hold a wight of up to 4 Kilograms,  Hitotsuki-san developed 3 independent devices for 30, 60 and 120 minutes continues accurate movement.

Currently the manual motion control is being sold in Japan only with the possibility of ordering internationally online. In the near future, Hitotsuki-san hopes to sell his device in other countries too.

For more information and ordering online for the equivalent of $120, simply head to his product page.

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