Sennheiser MKE-440 Stereo On-Camera Microphone

The Sennheiser MKE-440 is an on-camera microphone that features dual-stereo capsules for greater sound capture.

Sound is as important as the visuals when it comes to video content creation, and for interviews or atmosphere the Sennheiser MKE-440 allows you to capture a much wider stereo field by including two mic capsules in the left and right mic housing.

For shooting scenarios like two person interviews, or capturing the ambient sound of a location, the polar pattern and microphone coverage is wide enough to hear much of the surrounding sound, but cancels out sound from behind the microphone (from the camera operator for example). The capsules are shock mounted independently in the metal casing to remove unwanted movement noise, rather than the entire microphone on the camera hot shoe.

Sennheiser MKE-440

The 3.5mm TRS jack cable has been relocated to the front of the microphone to avoid it coming across the camera screen or viewfinder while filming. It runs on 2xAAA batteries with an impressive battery life of 100 hours.

Specifications of the Sennheiser MKE-440 at a glance:

  • 50Hz to 20KHz frequency response.
  • Stereo supercardioid microphone capsules.
  • Runs on 2xAAA batteries for 100 hours of operation.
  • Low cut filter and 3-level sensitivity switch.

The Sennheiser MKE-440 is available to purchase now from CVP from €294.33, and from B&H from $349.95.

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the SUBVERSIVE September 17, 2016

This seems pretty interesting, if the isolation and built-in suspension works well, this can be a nice choice for a small crew or one-man band.

Larry Tee September 18, 2016

It still reminds me of a vah-jay-jay. I’m sure it’s really awesome though.

 Beebee Lestr Reply
Beebee Lestr September 18, 2016

I think the Rode + Rycote joint development owns the DSLR on-camera microphone market at the moment.

Sennheiser is trying to make out that its shock mounting is somehow better, but I’m not convinced it is better than Rode + Rycote.