Sennheiser AVX – Camera-Mountable Audio Transmitters

We had a chat with Achim Gleissner from Sennheiser about their latest product introduced at NAB earlier this year, the Sennheiser AVX system.

We are excited about this product as it allows videographers to have a small transmitter with an XLR plug that goes straight into your camera. No more bulky transmitters to have dangling on your camera. There are no buttons, no menu settings – it is a fully self contained “plug&play” system. Once the transmitter and receiver are paired, the videographer can concentrate on his job without having to worry about squelch or sensitivity or even frequency settings – it finds a free frequency for you. This is not targeted at professional audio people, it’s for shooter/operators who have to record their own audio – there are definitely more options on traditional wireless (analog) systems like the Sennheiser G3 (which we use on many videos), however they are not as easy to use and they are larger.


The Sennheiser AVX system operates on 1.9GHZ instead of 2.4GHZ. This has the advantage that it is license free and not as congested as 2.4GHz. It will always automatically find a free frequency.

There are two different sets to purchase. The hand-held transmitter or the body-pack transmitter with a receiver. Each set is priced at $899.

— We sincerely apologize for the audio noise in this video. Frequencies are highly congested here. More of a reason to go ahead with this product :) —

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