You Have to See Edelkrone’s Incredible New Jib Plus

A couple of days ago I tried to figure out the inner workings of the newly announced Edelkrone Jib Plus. Now, at NAB 2016, Seb met with Edelkrone’s CEO Kadir Köymen to find out how (and if) it actually works – and it does indeed!

How the Edelkrone Jib Plus works

As Kadir walks us through the inner workings of the different modules of the Jib Plus, it becomes very clear that first and foremost a lot of programming went into this device. The real magic happens inside the sensor module with sits between the tripod and your jib arm of choice. The module senses the movement of your given jib whether it is panning or tilting (or both, of course) and feeds the computer within to do its calculations.

The system needs to see the target of choice from at least two different perspectives manually, then it triangulates the information and calculates a smooth curve for each and every in-between point in space. Some serious reverse kinematic calculations are going on! With only two points in space, the system will learn to point the camera at the given target no matter where you swing the jib manually.

NAB Edelkrone Jib Plus _ sensor

The best thing is that you can put the system on any jib, it will do all the tracking and focusing for you. You just need to operate the jib as you like and the camera will follow your target and holds it in frame. Focus probably will need more than two points; you teach the system as you go to refocus manually via the controller module. The resulting focus curve is being used for all stored targets shot with that same lens.

NAB Edelkrone Jib Plus _ specs

So basically, we’re talking about an automatic target tracking system for jibs. According to Kadir, it is long going project—and it is almost finished. Please note, it’s still in a pretty advanced prototype state, but it will be ready in three months from now.

Pricing of the Jib Plus

The pricing has not been decided as of yet, but it definitely won’t be under $1,000 (or $2,000, even) as Kadir only smiles and says “I don’t know.” We have to wait a little longer, I assume.

It’s really nice to see how a company can be so innovative and fresh like Edelkrone. Kadir tells us this is because they think differently:

We don’t concentrate on the products, we just concentrate on the problems.

All-in-all it sounds like a neat approach to come up with fresh and innovative products. Chapeau!

Learn all about the new Jib Plus in our previous article and on the Edelkrone website.

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Christian Whitey Pokrywka Reply
Christian Whitey Pokrywka April 20, 2016

They definitely kill it with the innovation. Just so damn expensive.

Robert Grünberger Reply
Robert Grünberger April 20, 2016

Großartig! Ich bin begeistert von der Technologie dahinter! :-)

Philippe Claes Reply
Philippe Claes April 20, 2016

This guy is an genie ! I love it !

Jason Johnston April 20, 2016

Kadir Köymen sounds like a nice guy. “It’s not perfect. Just give us three more months,” “this is YOUR jib” and, best of all, “I don’t know.” It’s the little things I’m interested in. Anyway, this kind of product is terrific for one-person crews like myself, but at a probably premium cost. But, you get what you pay for, and have actually purchased a sincere time saver. Shooting a movie? Well, I think you need a crew for that. But, nail that product shot in one take for your small business? Done.

Oscar Goldman Reply
Oscar Goldman April 21, 2016

Yeah, pretty cool. And indeed the guy’s genuine demeanor helps sell the product too.

Oscar Goldman Reply
Oscar Goldman April 21, 2016

This is very innovative, and yet a pretty simple idea. It’s a few encoders, a couple on the base to detect the arm angle and rotation, and the same at the head. From there on, it’s straightforward trigonometry.

The focusing is more of a manual process because of the non-linear nature of focusing on various lenses; so you have to teach the processor the focus/distance curve of the lens you’re using.

Pretty cool. It’s too bad it costs so much, but with such a low-volume product, you can’t expect to sell them to everyone. Especially in an era when everyone just defaults to “use a motorized gimbal or drone,” when in fact that may be uncalled for and suboptimal.

 Edin Gacic Reply
Edin Gacic April 22, 2016

this technology was implemented lon time ago by this guy from croatia

Max Rockee April 22, 2016

so why he don’t show us?

HAMZA TALEB October 25, 2016

The Three months period mentioned in the video exceeded, when will this be available?