Saramonic CaMixer Adds a Headphone Jack to Your Sony a6300 / a6500

If you’re a proud owner of a Sony a6300, you might be in desperate need of  some sort of audio interface due to its lack of a headphone jack.  Saramonic has your back here with the release of a very compact and very affordable audio mixer. Meet the Saramonic CaMixer.

The Saramonic CaMixer

This little audio interface could be just what you need if you’re after a a small, lightweight and affordable audio solution. Saramonic claims it is brand new, but actually it looks very familiar to me. Last year they released a very similar audio interface, the SmartMixer, intended to be used with smartphones. It’s a little more expensive, as it comes bundled with a smartphone holder and a grip. The new CaMixer comes in professional black rather than in consumer red.

Saramonic CaMixer

Spot the dfference! Saramonic CaMixer (left) and SmartMixer (right)

Anyway, the functionality for a device like this is still very relevant, as a lot of smaller cameras like the Sony a6300 or even the freshly announced Sony a6500 lack a decent headphone jack for monitoring audio. You also get two detachable directional microphones plugged into 3.5mm mic inputs, a phantom powered mini XLR jack and of course an audio out port for connecting the Saramonic CaMixer to your camera. A lot of stuff for such a tiny preamp device, indeed.

The Saramonic CaMixer can be mounted directly on top of your DSLR or mirrorless camera via the built-in cold shoe. This setup could help you get the next run-and-gun interview right, taking out the guess work when it comes to audio. It’s a bit cheaper than it’s last year twin, since it’s just the mixer itself without any accessories except a provided mini XLR to XLR adapter and a mini jack output cable.

Saramonic CaMixer

Back and front of the CaMixer. It’s powered via a standard 9V battery.

On the front side you can toggle 48V phantom power for the microphone inputs on and off and there is a built-in LCD display, too. This is a very handy feature for such a tiny device, as it helps keeping your camera screen real estate as uncluttered as possible. There’s a volume control too, of course.

We will take it for a test ride for sure, and I’m very curious how it performs in real life!

The CaMixer weights just 156g (5.5 oz) and is powered by a standard 9V battery. The device itself is $129 and it’s available for purchase directly via Saramonic, the smartphone version is available at B&H.

Might this tiny thing be your next upgrade in terms of audio? Let us know in the comments below!

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James Davis Reply
James Davis October 13, 2016

Nice! Brian Muna

Simon Rabeder Reply
Simon Rabeder October 13, 2016

no, it does not!

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss October 13, 2016

Hi Simon,

could you specify your concern a little bit, please?


Alejandro Gallardo Espinoza Reply
Alejandro Gallardo Espinoza October 13, 2016

Mira Sergio Infante para la Sony :p

Gio Fortunato Reply
Gio Fortunato October 13, 2016

Nice!! Is it a good quality like tascam?

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss October 14, 2016

Dear Gio,

if we have a chance to test the CaMixer, we’ll do a proper review. For now it’s just a news post. Time will tell.


Raya Fahreza October 14, 2016

It adds a headphone jack but not exactly replaces what’s missing on the camera because we hear from the preamp, not what/how the camera is recording it. Can be misleading for the shooter, as audio might sound okay up to their preamp point but internal recording on camera may sound different. We’re not really monitoring how the camera records the audio.

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss October 14, 2016

Hi Raya,

that’s true and a build in headphone jack would have been much better in the first place. But I guess with a bit of testing you can achieve satisfying and constant results.

Johann Gan Reply
Johann Gan October 14, 2016

wow.. so compact!!

Mike Pardo October 14, 2016

Hi, interesting little devices. But i was wondering. Couldn´t you just use the saramonic smartmixer with a rode sc3 or the rode sc7 adaptors on any Dslr? or i´m i wrong?

so what’s the diference between the smartmixer and the camixer… the color and the cable adapter?

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss October 15, 2016

Hi Mike,

I’m pretty sure you could do just that, yes. The only difference is the color and the lower price point due to the lack of a bundled smartphone holder.
We’ve decided to publish a news post about this black version anyway since it is a very relevant and very affordable product in the end.

Cosmin Wanderer November 11, 2016

I’m very curious to know if there’s a way to turn the volume up and down separately for Left and Right. I think this is a very important feature seeing how you can replace one of those tiny microphones with another one that might have a different signal value, so maybe you need to boost the Left channel a little more