Sandisk Unveils Prototype of the World’s First 1TB SD Card

SanDisk announced the world’s first 1TB SD at Photokina 2016. We caught up with Christophe from SanDisk, who told us all about their new Extreme PRO 1TB SD card.

You’re probably familiar with Moore’s Law, by which the capabilities of current technology seem to double approximately every two years. Well, like clockwork, two years after the introduction of their 512GB card, SanDisk have introduced the world’s first 1TB SD card.

As part of the SanDisk Extreme PRO series, this new card will be compatible with the current high storage and high data transfer rate demands of video and photo shooters alike, with 95MB and 90MB/sec Read and Write speeds respectively. This means that whether it is 4K video, high frame rates or fast, continuous photo bursts, this card will be able to handle it at least as well as its 512GB version.

SanDisk Extreme PRO 1TB SD

Unfortunately, the model at Photokina 2016 was only a prototype, and there is no further information available yet other than it will hit the market at some point next year. With price points fluctuating so regularly in this sector, Christophe was also unable to give us an approximate price for the SanDisk Extreme Pro 1TB SD card for the time being.

What do you think of this announcement? Do you prefer large capacity cards? Or are you more inclined towards multiple cards with less capacity to be safe just in case? Let us know in the comments!


cinema5D at Photokina 2016
Tilta Genustech Manfrotto Angelbird Blackmagic Design


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Hugo Garajau Reply
Hugo Garajau September 21, 2016

Marcos Vinni

Larry Contratti Reply
Larry Contratti September 21, 2016

Please let this be real

Gene Nemetz Reply
Gene Nemetz September 21, 2016

A terabyte on something that small? Wow!

Rajdeep Paul Reply
Rajdeep Paul September 21, 2016

Sainik da

Simon Rabeder Reply
Simon Rabeder September 21, 2016

Da dreht nie wieder wer die Aufnahme ab. Arme Editors und Archivsysteme!

Jiku Banik Reply
Jiku Banik September 21, 2016

Ali Afroj Arnab 😉

Ali Afroj Arnab Reply
Ali Afroj Arnab September 21, 2016

One card for lifetime ;) but God knows how the camera will process it.

Sean Sheridan Reply
Sean Sheridan September 21, 2016

Yes this would be awesome. Ok so I am new to things and still learning. This is awesome as longer times between card changes while filming or snapping photos is awesome. But are not some cameras still limits on the size of SD or micro SD memory capacity you can use in them. Like for example on of my favourites an also go on and back up camera right now is the Sony RX100 mk4. If I want to shoot 4K on it I’m still limited to only using ‘a 64gb card max as I understand? I thought the same with the GoPro hero 4 line as well, other then I think they can take the 128GB lense cards. So I’m a little lost but excited at the same time if that makes sense LOL.

Dan Valicek Reply
Dan Valicek September 21, 2016

My rx100iv handles also 256GB cards. 🤔

Sean Sheridan Reply
Sean Sheridan September 21, 2016

Awesome thanks. I swear I read thought when it’s first came it it was 64Gb card max. But maybe I understood what I read wrong. As I know in the RX100 mk4 you need a min of 64GB card

Sean Sheridan Reply
Sean Sheridan September 21, 2016

Hmm yes seems
Like othere have used bigger card. Honestly for the life of me not sure where I read that there were only good withe up to a 64Gb card..

Alvaro García Undurraga Reply
Alvaro García Undurraga September 21, 2016

Sean, as far as I know if the card is still using SDXC technology anything that supports SDXC cards (64 GB and up) will support it

Sean Sheridan Reply
Sean Sheridan September 21, 2016

Thanks. I’m still learning lots. What’s nice about the Cinema5D page is that being new an wanting to learn an keep up with filming technology, I feel I can ask question here and get good proper info from lots of greats knolwledgable people. And not have to worry about getting unwanted or rude comments.
Thanks guys!!!

Mathieu Van Goethem Reply
Mathieu Van Goethem September 21, 2016

Kerryn Chegwidden James Fox 1000GB, we spoke about this in sabi👌🏽

Dario Sanmiguel Reply
Dario Sanmiguel September 21, 2016

I like changing cards. It keeps the crew and ACs and DITs awake and paying a little more attention. The process also preserves quality control on so many levels – and you can edit on set and check all sorts of continuity. Besides laziness and increasing the risk of some malfunction, what is really the benefit of putting a day or days of work on one disk?

Naokira Mengua Reply
Naokira Mengua September 22, 2016

Maybe higher bit rate files that would require more space.

Jeremy Bostelmann Reply
Jeremy Bostelmann September 21, 2016

Imma need 2

Myo Hein Thet Reply
Myo Hein Thet September 21, 2016

4k…8k! Swh Sutera Kyaw Zaw Hein

Guybertho Clerger Reply
Guybertho Clerger September 21, 2016

Amazan Bass Junior Plesius Louis (Jpl)

Amazan Bass Reply
Amazan Bass September 21, 2016

Oh shittt!!! Kilew ap pranl la???

Guybertho Clerger Reply
Guybertho Clerger September 21, 2016

lew gen sa li tou sevi memwa pc a

Junior Plesius Louis Reply
Junior Plesius Louis September 22, 2016


Junior Plesius Louis Reply
Junior Plesius Louis September 22, 2016

M tap itilizel pou vidéo selman

Julian Becker Reply
Julian Becker September 21, 2016

Steffen Schwaiger

Steffen Schwaiger Reply
Steffen Schwaiger September 21, 2016

Yay, noch mehr Daten die man auf einen Schlag verlieren kann. 😅

Joe Ogiba September 21, 2016

2TB SDXC and microSDXC cards will be coming.

Larry Tee September 21, 2016

I bet this was a really difficult prototype to manufacture. “Err, just change that to a ‘1,’ now print it out…”

I actually can’t stand flimsy SD cards. I’ve had several SanDisk Extreme Pro cards peel apart just from heat generated by the camera. Or some have fallen apart simply by virtue of the fact that no matter how much you spend, that little chip will be housed in 2 cents of cheap plastic.

I wish XQD would take over. It’s the perfect size, rugged, and faster than any version of SD ever made. I would love to never see another crappy SD card in my life (though that day may not ever come).

Joe Ogiba September 21, 2016

I never had a problem with any SD card in the last 12 years and use the 2000x Lexar UHS-II SDXC cards in my NX1 and GH4 when shooting 4K videos and UHS-1 in my a6300, A7r and RX10 III. There are new V90 and V60 cards coming for up to 8K video.

Mauricio Lustosa Reply
Mauricio Lustosa September 21, 2016

Hugo Alcoforado olha que coisa mar linda

Hugo Alcoforado Reply
Hugo Alcoforado September 21, 2016

Tava sabendo! Quero vários :P

Jonny Teppich Reply
Jonny Teppich September 21, 2016

Denis Mziu

James Thomas Reply
James Thomas September 21, 2016

Noah 😂😂😂

Nicholas Ryan Watts Reply
Nicholas Ryan Watts September 21, 2016

Do you realize how long your camera would take to boot up. Also how long it would take to view a photo you took.

Joe Simkins Reply
Joe Simkins September 21, 2016

Dan Jones this is nuts!

Dan Jones Reply
Dan Jones September 21, 2016

700 quid i im calling it

Joe Simkins Reply
Joe Simkins September 21, 2016

Yeah probably!!

Michael Combs Reply
Michael Combs September 22, 2016

Lance Martin brooo

Lance Martin Reply
Lance Martin September 22, 2016

Nigga what?! 😨🔫

Generated Lyfe Skeme Reply
Generated Lyfe Skeme September 22, 2016


Rob First Reply
Rob First September 22, 2016


Jurriaan Kwakkel Reply
Jurriaan Kwakkel September 22, 2016

Alexander Wouters

Alexander Wouters Reply
Alexander Wouters September 22, 2016

Niet normaal haha

Thomas Langwieser Reply
Thomas Langwieser September 22, 2016

Enrico scheiß auf 256GB 😂😂😂

Anthony browning Reply
Anthony browning September 22, 2016

Lets not be naive this is nothing surprising. Please look at this post which shows 500tb technology the size of a stamp. Companys will always continue to trickle down technology for a lofty sum until the consumer says NO!

Esteban Amón Reply
Esteban Amón September 22, 2016


Andrea Valdiviezo Jurado Reply
Andrea Valdiviezo Jurado September 22, 2016

yo sigo esperando mi manilla jajaj

Sebastian Ordoñez Reply
Sebastian Ordoñez September 23, 2016

el mio esta mas cerca, solo digo