Samsung NX1 Video Features Explained: Clean HDMI Output & 4K H.265

A few days ago Samsung announced their first video shooting large sensor camera. The Samsung NX1 can shoot 4K on an APS-C sized sensor. Furthermore the camera is the first to make use of the new H.265 codec.

NX1_frontWhat’s remarkable about this camera is not just its price point ($1,499 at B&H) but Samsung’s decision to move with a 4K Super35 sensor (APS-C) into the HVEC H.265 codec space. The new codec succeeds the very common H.264 codec and is capable of providing ProRes quality at 1% of the file size (5Mbit bitrate for 500Mbit video quality).

Samsung NX1 product manager Mr. Sung Lae Park also mentioned that the camera would have a clean 4:2:2 hdmi output for external recorders.

The camera is avalable for pre-order here: LINK


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