Samsung NX1 Video Features Explained: Clean HDMI Output & 4K H.265

A few days ago Samsung announced their first video shooting large sensor camera. The Samsung NX1 can shoot 4K on an APS-C sized sensor. Furthermore the camera is the first to make use of the new H.265 codec.

NX1_frontWhat’s remarkable about this camera is not just its price point ($1,499 at B&H) but Samsung’s decision to move with a 4K Super35 sensor (APS-C) into the HVEC H.265 codec space. The new codec succeeds the very common H.264 codec and is capable of providing ProRes quality at 1% of the file size (5Mbit bitrate for 500Mbit video quality).

Samsung NX1 product manager Mr. Sung Lae Park also mentioned that the camera would have a clean 4:2:2 hdmi output for external recorders.

The camera is avalable for pre-order here: LINK


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Myles September 22, 2014

1% of the file size? Surely something’s got to give in IQ..?

Joseph Moore September 22, 2014

What gives is that H.265 is massively complex and is CPU intensive to decode. For awhile, the workflow is probably going to be to convert to something easier to edit on ingest.

khobalt September 25, 2014

That’s why hardware decoders are hitting the market right now, my friend.

Mr Blah September 23, 2014

What’s with this ridiculous claim of providing ProRes quality at 1% the file size?
In the NX1, at least, the H.265 video lacks the 4:2:2 color resolution and 10-bit color depth inherent in ProRes. I mean, ProRes isn’t the most modern codec, so it’s bound to be outclassed eventually, but until there are some direct comparisons, I think stating outright that HEVC provides that much of a “quality” advantage is beyond the ability of the author to reasonably assess.

Sebastian Wöber Reply
Sebastian Wöber September 23, 2014

Well, we were referring to compression, not 4:2:2. I think for most compression is a lot more relevant than 4:2:2. If you look at the GH4 compression really destroys the image and a better codec would be much needed. Maybe comparing it to ProRes is a bit overexciting but I think it gives a good reference point.

Michael Mehlhorn September 23, 2014

Great camera on paper, just hard to justify the lens mount. With multiple Canon EF lenses, I need there be an active adapter before I can consider it.

Tony Moore October 17, 2014

Can’t wait to see this camera for myself,
Like what I see so far, It seems to me to be a very good camera from watching your reviews. However how do this camera stand up against the ” blackmagic Cinema 4K camera and the 2.5K also other cameras in this range of 4K camera”.
I think comparisons of rolling shutter, auto-focus speed, especially the dynamic range, low light sensitivity and slow motion implementation would really be helpful to me.

Florin Filimon Reply
Florin Filimon January 14, 2015

Please ask Mr Sung if along with clean HDMI it will come also a Raw output feature, for Shogun recording ?