Sachtler Video 18 S2 Video Review

Sachtler recently introduced the Sachtler Video 18 S2, an upgrade to their evergreen-tripod, the Video 18 S1. I took a closer look at it in this video review.

Sachtler Video 18 – the 100 mm standard tripod

If there is one tripod type that can be found in use with broadcasters almost on a global scale, it is the Video 18 S1 tripod by Sachtler. Particularly (but not only) in Europe, I often end up getting a Sachtler tripod from rental houses or broadcasters, and more often than not it will be the Video 18 S1. It’s a proven workhorse and can be considered the de-facto standard in 100 mm bowl size tripods. It fits a great variety of cameras from smaller interchangeable lens cameras to large broadcast cameras. It’s a permanent guest at any news event – just look around at press conferences, for example.


Why replace the Video 18 S1 with the Sachtler Video 18 S2?

When everyone considers your tripod the standard, why replace it with a new model? Simple, just don’t change too much about it – just add a little functionality and make it work and look the same as before, and new buyers will be happy, particularly when it costs the same price as before. Just don’t change it too much to upset existing customers. The Video 18 S2 features a 4kg increase in payload from the old model, for a maximum of up to 20 kg (or 44.1 lbs), which means you can use the tripod with an even wider variety of cameras. With a minimum payload of 2kg, you will be able to use the same tripod to accommodate both your DSLR rig and your larger setup.

All in all, a nice upgrade for an industry-standard product, and is definitely the one to get if you’re in the market for a new 100 mm tripod as it replaces the old model for the same price. However, it certainly does not make sense for existing owners of the Video 18 S1 to upgrade.

Disclaimer: I used to make product videos for Sachtler 4-5 years ago as a paid project, explaining the functionality of their tripods on camera. This review however is of course unpaid and unbiased. Sachtler sent us a review loaner of the Video 18 S2 that has already been sent back. 


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Steve Oakley

no longer a fan of satchler tripods, at least their heads. the old fashioned click stop loading just doesn’t work because your camera setup can vary so much, even when using the same camera bare bones vs totally gacked up with big glass. its very very limiting. other heads : vinten, oconner, ( miller ?) have continuos drag and counter balance adjustments. you can easily tune the head to the load on it and not be stuck with too heavy or too light as I have found with satchler and other copies that use a series of preset drags and… Read more »

Tim Fok

Interesting POV, I actually prefer the click-based counter balance.

I find it so much quicker to balance, for in seconds you can turn everything off>find centre of balance>dial in friction and counter balance to suit.

With the continuous (O Connor etc) I find I’m constantly fine tuning it, well into the first few shots of the day.

I guess it’s good we all have options!

Jonathan Pais
Jonathan Pais

Nino, you have 0 credibility. You call that a review? It’s just a paid advert. This whole website has become a joke.

 Sam Bryce

I think you are being overly critical Jonathan. Nino has the respect of many filmmakers and his opinions on equipment and workflow are incredibly valid. And the reviews that Seb and the others have been putting out have been consistently of high quality.

And let’s not kid ourselves, unless it’s otherwise stated, you should assume someone is getting paid by someone for something. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Keep up the great work guys.


Hi Nino, great review! I’m looking to upgrade my tripod and am weighing up a few options. Would you recommend this, or a used Sachtler Video 20 S1? They’re about the same price.

 Matthew Minor
Matthew Minor

Always good to see reviews from Cinema5D. Especially as I am in the midst of buying some new sticks and head at the moment. I’ve only ever shot on cheap stuff and am ready to go to the next level. This Stachler is outside of my budget – do you have any opinions on any setups for $2k-$3k? I have been looking at a Miller that seems promising.

Tim Fok

What payload are you after? Sacthler FSB 8 combo sits in this price bracket.