Roland V-1HD Portable Compact HD Video Switcher

Live-switching between various HD video sources has long been the domain of high-end hardware in the broadcast area, way too expensive for the average one-man-band shooter and operator. In addition to that, those solutions are large and cumbersome, impossible to operate and set up spontaneously on location.

However, more and more portable switcher solutions have been popping over the past few years that are also affordable enough to allow the average indie filmmaker to do a live edit to either record a multi-camera event edited “direct to tape”, or conveniently do a multi-cam edit in the NLE of your choice with the dedicated keys of a switcher. Blackmagic Design have been one of the major forces in driving down prices in that area with less expensive solutions, but now also others are offering more and more compact versions of their mixers.


In comes Roland with their new Roland V-1HD Compact HD Video Switcher. It seems like one of the smallest solutions in the market that really can be brought anywhere in a laptop bag, which makes it very versatile.

Please also watch this promotional tutorial video from Roland, explaining better what the V-1HD actually does – and please ignore the clueless model, I did … :

cinema5D at Inter BEE 2015
Tilta Came-TV

Watch it on Vimeo

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Ed Mahoo Reply
Ed Mahoo November 22, 2015

Now this looks very interesting!

Ed Mahoo Reply
Ed Mahoo November 22, 2015


Afonso Abreu Reply
Afonso Abreu November 22, 2015

Its more expensive that ATEM…

Kenny Shem Reply
Kenny Shem November 23, 2015

You need a laptop for ATEM but not for Roland. Cannot just compare price alone.

Leonardo Siqueira Moreira Reply
Leonardo Siqueira Moreira November 22, 2015

Geann Toni

Mel Feliciano November 22, 2015

I’m surprise they included a HDCP on/off switch for DVD/Blu-Ray sources. Wonder if it can be used to make dubs of those sources. Would like to use it for making backups and archiving my DVR.

Rong Zou Reply
Rong Zou November 22, 2015

Can it do streaming to YouTube?

Martijn Schroevers November 23, 2015

This looks all great BUT there is one BIG flaw: it does only HDMI and no SDI. I have never encountered a more cumbersome video connection than HDMI. If you intend to use cables longer than 5 meter (and with a multicam setup that is standard practice) be prepared for unexpected loss of signal. It does not matter much if you use high or low end cables. Most DSLR style camera’s have even more cumbersome mini or micro HDMI connectors so you will need adapters that increase the risk of signal loss even further. I will stick to my BM television studio with SDI cams or convert HDMI to SDI close to the source.

Marcel van Leeuwen Reply
Marcel van Leeuwen November 24, 2015

true, but you can always use converters, or Wireless Transmitters, but that will add to the cost. this unit costs 1100,-. BM prod studio around 1700 + panel 5000 … thats a hell of a lot more…

Martijn Schroevers November 24, 2015

No Marcel, BM Television Studio with 6 inputs (SDI/HDMI) for $945 and with Strata I can operate it with my iPhone!