Røde i-XLR – An iPhone XLR Adaptor for High Quality Audio on Your Phone

Røde just introduced the i-XLR, a digital iPhone XLR adaptor for Apple iOS devices that turns your iPhone into a high quality audio recorder.

rode-i-xlr-2The new Røde i-XLR is a lightning accessory that connects to your microphone’s XLR output on one and and to your iOS device on the other.

Using a new Røde app that will be introduced within the next two weeks, will enable you to bypass the iPhone’s audio processing and record audio in high quality.

It’s nice to see how this device might replace an audio recorder in some situations and give you a portable iPhone XLR alternative.

Pricing is yet to be determined and it will become available in the next months.

For more information visit rode.com

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Heike Kaufhold Reply
Heike Kaufhold September 11, 2015

wobei es ja sehr suboptimal ist, dazu den Ladekabeleingang zu nutzen oder nicht?

Eric Francis Harnden Reply
Eric Francis Harnden September 11, 2015

Ha! Cool.

Oscar Goldman Reply
Oscar Goldman September 12, 2015

Glaring omission: phantom power. The guy never mentions it. Without that, it’s pretty weak.

Dual-level recording is good, but these days other vendors are realizing that it’s a must and are including it. Tascam even lets you adjust the level of the backup recording. Only Xoom has blown it thus far, not allowing you to do dual recording from good mics.

Matthew Carmody Reply
Matthew Carmody September 12, 2015

Nicholas, thanks for another informative info article. I think this is pretty cool. The only thing that constantly worries me with iOS based devices is that not everyone has or wants an iPhone or any other Apple product. DJI have done the same thing and only offer an iOS based app for the Ronin-m. Very annoying as I prefer Sony’s smartphone lineup much more and now have to switch to Apple just to tune my Ronin on-site.
Any feedback you guys could give the manufacturers about this problem/lack of compatibility would be appreciated. They are much more likely to listen to you than some random cameraman using their products :)