Review: Lockport A7 – HDMI lock on your Sony A7S

YU2A9428The new Sony A7S is currently the most popular, pocket sized cinema camera, offering unseen lowlight capabilities and dynamic range (A7S reviews here). But like every camera also the Sony A7S has weaknesses, one of them is its fragile micro-hdmi port that is prone to damage and connection loss. The solution: The new Lockport A7 to lock hdmi, just released, here for review.

YU2A9425The hdmi port on the Sony A7S is very important. Not only is the signal coming out of it the only way to externally monitor your feed, but it is also how you’ll be able to record 4K extrnally using the Atomos Shogun.

If you’ve worked with these wiggly small ports on DSLR’s before then you know this micro-hdmi port on the A7S is an issue. If it gets worn out loose contact connection losses will follow.

YU2A9426On the upper left you can see a micro-hdmi to hdmi adapter plugged into our Sony A7S. We recommend not to use your camera in the field like that, a wrong movement or pull on the cable and the port is broken.

stock_a7s_lockerSony provides a stock hdmi locker with the A7S. It attaches to the camera very intelligently and firmly. The only problem is that no micro-hdmi cable can fit inside. We tried 4 cables by different brands. We have no idea what Sony was thinking.

So how can we make sure the micro-hdmi port on our Sony A7S will outlast the release of the Shogun in October?

Let’s take a look at the Lockport A7

YU2A9419The Lockport A7 is another hdmi port locker by LockCircle, an Italian company that has made cable lockers for different cameras and also specialises in transforming photo lenses into cinema lenses. Check out their website
YU2A9424The Lockport comes in a small box and breaks down into several pieces that have to be screwed together and onto the camera. It comes with a small instruction manual and all seems elegantly designed. We realized the Lockport requires additional items to fully work. More on that later.

YU2A9430Assembling the Lockport is easy, but not straight forward. It took several attempts to get it right. It comes with two allen wrenches, at least one of which is required to take the Lockport back off your camera.

When assembled to the camera (before a baseplate is attached) we realized that the only hold point is the micro-hdmi port itself. This makes the port even more vulnerable, so it’s actually very important that a baseplate is always attached, to make sure the Lockport is secured.

YU2A9432When we installed the baseplate we realized that our Sachtler screw wasn’t long enough to catch the thread. A Manfrotto baseplate screw did the trick by a millimeter.

After a baseplate has been successfully attached the Lockport sits very very tightly and surely won’t come off.Locked!


The A7S when used for video desperately needs an hdmi lock. The Lockport A7 provides exactly that. It’s secure and should always stay on the camera.

It transforms your inconvenient micro-hdmi port to a standard hdmi port giving you more cable options in desired lengths.

The only downsides are that:
– putting it on and taking it off requires working on it with at least one of the allen wrenches.
– Requires a baseplate and a longer screw to lock.
– Cable itself is not locked.
– it costs $128.

You will probably also need:

If you use the Lockport it’s a good idea to also get:
– An extra quick release plate for your tripod or a quick release adapter kit.
– A longer 1/4″ screw for your tripod plate (This one is longer, we can confirm it works)

To order a Lockport A7 check out

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Tim Naylor August 7, 2014

C’mon Lockport, how could you leave out a mechanism for locking in the main HDMI connection to the cable? Full size HDMI is still unreliable. Two thumbs down.

Take a look at Small HD’s HDMI lock system and see a way better, more secure and cheaper system.

Filippo Chiesa August 28, 2014

The Small HD’s lock system is made in plastic and, IMO, is not the right way to lock the cables. The LockPort one is a real jewel: elegant, lightweight and very well made (rock solid anodized Avional aluminium).
I use a lot of LockCircle products and I’m always happy with them.
Great quality and great design.

Dante Cecchin August 28, 2014

The main reason why the full-size connector is not totally locked to the LockPort is because locking a camera down in a film production is most dangerous and unsafety thing to do to “destroy” your camera.
Still remember my camera teared off of my shoulder because somebody walk over the monitor cable running to bring a coffee for the screaming director! Collecting more stories ….

Simon Koloadin August 8, 2014

I use a pearstone micro HDMI cable and it works perfectly with the supplied sony HDMI locking device. The HDMI cable needs to be plugged in with the device loose on the cable, then the device clipped into place.

Sebastian Wöber Reply
Sebastian Wöber August 10, 2014

Is it this one?

Chris Weatherly August 9, 2014

The Lockcircle webstie doesn’t specify which Lockport works with the a7s. I’m guessing it the “Lock Port Pocket”. Is this correct?

Sebastian Wöber Reply
Sebastian Wöber August 10, 2014

No it’s not the pocket, because that’s for the BM Pocket Camera. Apparently the website isn’t updated. Contact Dante directly here:

Michael August 11, 2014

Have you tried to connect the HDMI cable and the supplied lock protector as described in the ILCE-7S manual?
“Raise the monitor and insert the HDMI cable, and then attach the cable protector as shown below.”

Sebastian Wöber Reply
Sebastian Wöber August 11, 2014

Of course we have done it like that. Unfortunately all the different cables we ordered and tried (4 in total) were much thicker and longer than the space inside the stock locker, so we gave up. See the link in the reply to Simon for a cable that seems to have worked there.

Michael August 11, 2014

I assume the Sony cable protector was build to accommodate the Sony micro HDMI cables which are supplied for their handycam and are available as accessory for / etc.
Anyway Sony provides a cable protector “for free”, even if not all A7 customers will use it so I don not bother if it does not fit with any 3rd party cable…

Sebastian Wöber Reply
Sebastian Wöber August 11, 2014

Yes, it’s definitely a nice touch. But it it’s not a perfect solution as it also involved putting it on and taking it off with the cable each time. I like the Lockport solution.

Michael August 11, 2014

Here you can see a cable that actually fits well in the cable protector:

the Plants Official Reply
the Plants Official January 23, 2015

Yes I got the stock HDMI port to work. Thing is I carry around a cord with me (when I want to take pics) so I dont have to take it off lol (its not “easy” to get on but once its on, bravo)

the Plants Official Reply
the Plants Official January 27, 2015

Recieving the Lockport with Baseplate tomorrow

Monie August 11, 2014

Well if you have to attach a baseplate to the bottom to secure it, might as well use a Zacuto pincher or smth like it, which at least you can use it across different cameras.

Mark Jackson August 12, 2014

I’ve found this cable also fits the Sony cable protector:

Bryan October 3, 2014

If you thought $128 was a downside, the price is actually up to $169 USD. Loved my 5M3 version, but that’s getting a little steep.