Returning from War to the Real World – Documentary Filmmaker Apo Bazidi – ON THE GO – Episode 59

In this second part of our convertible ride with filmmaker Apo Bazidi, we continue our chat about his film Resistance is Life and discuss the psychological difficulties of shooting in a hostile environment. Watch the first part of this conversation if you missed it. 

Making the decision to pack up your things and go into a war zone certainly takes a certain mindset. Apo shares with us what motivated him to return to Turkey in the first place, and eventually cross the border to war-torn Syria.

Another experience which inevitably comes as a shock is returning home after experiencing the cruel reality of war. While it is true that many people are not fortunate enough to ever leave that reality of hardship and violence, returning to the Western world takes its own psychological toll. Apo tells us how he faced challenges such as PTSD and how he managed to come back to terms with society.

Evlin, from Apo W. Bazidi’s “Resistance is Life”

We also dive a little deeper in to the origin of the name Resistance is Life, and Apo helps us decipher the meaning within and its universal message, as well as sharing with us what are his next plans with the film’s distribution.

Stay tuned for the third and final part of our chat with filmmaker Apo Bazidi, where we discuss the gear he used to shoot Resistance is Life!

Apo Bazidi

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