Really Right Stuff FH-7240 Tripod for High Payloads – First Look

Really Right Stuff, manufacturer of photo and increasingly also more video gear, is close to shipping the new high payload (around 30 lbs) 100mm bowl RRS FH-7240 tripod. Having used smaller payload video focused RRS tripods in the past, I’m enthusiastic about the new tripod head and carbon fiber sticks. Check out all details and our hands on video from Cine Gear 2018!

First off, you can tell a lot about a tripod by simply panning and tilting with a flagship cinema camera on it. In this case, I had a chance to use the tripod on the Cine Gear floor with a Canon C700 mounted on it and it feels great and, maybe most importantly, precise. Also, possibly because of the heavy use of carbon fiber/milled aluminum throughout the design it really doesn’t kill your back to lift the setup (without the camera on top).

It should be noted that this tripod won’t be cheap necessarily — we’re looking at roughly $8K if you buy both the sticks and head. That being said, the cost falls in line with other high payload tripods in this category from other manufacturers like Sachtler, Miller or Vinten.

Select Tech Spec Highlights: 

  • 100mm bowl
  • Seven pan and tilt damping settings
  • Quick-release clamp with two-stage safety lock accepts all RRS-compatible rails
  • Screw storage for two 3/8″-16 and two 1/4″-20 screws
  • Illuminated level

We’ve mentioned this tripod in the past and RRS has been working hard to get the tripod into full production. We’re told that we can expect the sticks and head to begin shipping later in the year. Specc lists don’t always tell the full story and in my limited time spent with the RRS FH-7240 I was impressed. Looking forward to a future field review.

Are you in the market for a new tripod? What do you think of Really Right Stuff?

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It’s not clear if the price he gave was for the sticks only, or for the sticks and the head. Could you please clarify this.


If it is only for the tripod, what is the price of the head ?
Further, what is the weight range ? The rep said it was optimized for 35lbs, but honestly that’s not very useful. What are the max and minimum payloads ?
Frankly, I am a bit surprised that the interviewer was not more on top of these things with his questions. It’s not good enough to just let people do their speech. There needs to be a little more inquisitiveness sometimes…


For $8K, they may have an uphill battle against their established competition. There has to be a compelling reason why this is better than say, a Sachtler Video 18 or who would buy it? The newer model lower end Sachtlers I have used are not as good as my older lower end Sachtlers, something’s missing, they just feel cheaper and not as precise. But the higher end Sachtlers still seem to be the standard, along with the Millers and Vintens and of course, the O’Connors. RRS will have an uphill battle in the market unless they offer superior value by… Read more »

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