ProMediaGear PMG-Duo is a Curved Slider with Straight Track

pmg-duoThe ProMediaGear PMG-Duo slider is the first slider that has both a straight and a curved track in one unit avoiding the hassle of bringing two sliders to the set.

This is an idea we haven’t seen before and indeed could be practical for some people. To change the slider angle you flip the whole unit around and reattach the slider carriage to the other side.

The slider is built of solid thick metal and seems to be able to withstand a lot of bad treatment. Also we felt that the sliding was quite smooth.

An additional feature the PMG-Duo offers is the friction handle that let’s you control friction of the carriage against the rails for smoother moevements.

The PMG-Duo is available now and costs $524 for the 24″ version: LINK

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