Pond5 To Sell Video Through Adobe Stock

Video assets from online stock marketplace Pond5 are now available for Adobe Stock users. What does this mean for buyers and sellers using the platform and for the stock footage industry as a whole? Find out below.


Disclosure: I sell stock footage/stills myself directly through Pond5, Adobe Stock, and iStock.


As part of their new Global Partner Program, Pond5 will now be selling a selection of video clips directly through the Adobe Stock platform. The program seems to be limited at the moment to a few thousand video assets and appears to be a trial run of sorts, with the possibility of “expand[ing] to include millions of video assets.”

Pond5 front page.

It should be noted that the revenue split will not change for Pond5 video creators whose videos are now being sold through Adobe’s stock platform: they will still keep their usual 50%. Adobe Stock is already integrated into Premiere Pro and After Effects, and the Pond5 Global Partner content will be available there as well.

Check out this official promotional video for the partnership between Pond5 and Adobe:


The program is just now ramping up, but it is great to see a company creating a program that seems ideal for stock footage sellers. Upload all of my stock assets to a single company that then distributes them to multiple marketplaces sounds great, especially given that the revenue split with Pond5 is still a front-of-the-pack 50/50.

Perhaps this signals a slow shift to Pond5 serving in more of an agent capacity for sellers and as less of a marketplace. Either way, it will be interesting to see if the company expands this program to other partners outside of Adobe.

What do you think? Is this Global Partner Program from Pond5 good news for sellers and buyers alike? Comment below!

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This is exactly what Adobe is doing now. Making money…